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Fashion Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Comments (0)

16 Happy Birthday Wishes Ideas of 2020

Looking for the coolest birthday ideas for your loved ones? This article gives you all the right ideas you need for arranging a fantastic birthday. So without any further ado, here’s the list.

A Bespoke Cake

Nothing beats a classic cake with candles to set the mood right. This works if you want a barebones event that doesn’t cost a fortune. Even if you’re not a minimalist, choosing the best cake possible would be a great idea. You can even go for customized candles as well.

A Highlight Collage Post

Putting memories together on a board is a great way to encapsulate every emotion. These memories can include ideas like you’re the first kiss, first baby, a pay raise or a new house. Life is all about making memories & what a better way to put those memories in a curated fashion.


Colorful Tassels

Tassels are a great way to adorn a table, the walls of your home or even curtains. Moreover, they are becoming part of a trendy décor these days for kids' birthday parties. Although it may take a long time to decorate using these, the final result is always worth it.

Paper Pinwheels

Pinwheels look very pretty on walls. You can buy them in different colors to enhance the aesthetic of the event. More so, they are quite easy to make as well. You cut them in different accents for variety. Try googling a couple of tutorials & you’ll be making pinwheels in no time!

DIY Birthday Chandeliers

Using chandeliers for a birthday bash is always a good idea. They help embellish the roof of any room. It’s common for people to notice the spangle on the ceiling first. Crafting a chandelier out of paper is a fun way to express your creativity.


Girls & boys alike would always love the idea of playing a sport. Soccer helps the kids to learn to get along with each other as part of a team. You can even have some spare polarized sunglasses as Wiley X Spear to protect their eyes against the sun.

Game Night

This could include anything from a board game i.e. monopoly to playing charades. Kids would enjoy playing board games as long as it’s fun & they feel mentally invested in it. Don’t forget to include prizes & presents for the winning team or player.

Attending a Concert

Buying tickets of their favorite artist is a great way to make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special. After all, all birthdays don’t have to be at home. Going out is often more fun & when it comes to live music, nothing can beat the thrill of it.

Attend a Culinary Class

Did they always want to learn baking? If so, this is the perfect time to book a cooking class. Doing so will let the birthday person have a great time learning their favorite dishes. Make sure you know what food they are into & then book a class matching their interest.

A Wine Tasting Session

If you appreciate the finer things in life, a glass of well-prepared wine is a great idea for a birthday party. There are wine tasting kits that allow you to taste an array of flavors. Your taste buds would be in for a treat!

Movie Night

Defer the cake & try surprising the beach birthday person with movie tickets! This can be a lot of fun for friends & family. You can choose to see the current trendiest film or go to theatres that show classic films. Check your local cineplexes for movie listings.

Home Film Screening

If you don’t fancy going to the cinema, try hosting a movie night at your home! Some people have a tradition of watching the same movie over the years but that’s not with everyone. If you’re doing this for a husband or a wife, you should know their top 5 favorite films by heart.

Learning Makeup At Home

Call your birthday girl at your place along with other friends who want to try out new ways of doing makeup together. You could pose for a good number of Instagram selfies after getting dolled up.


A Tea Party

This one is for tea connoisseurs. Arranging a surprise tea party is a definite way to blow your birthday friend’s socks off. Tasting out various teas is a good way to talk about all the important stuff going on in your lives.

Go Skating

It’s a good idea to visit a dedicated roller skating place. Anything that’s unique & challenging is a memorable way to celebrate any birthday. Make sure you wear adequate protective gear. If you’re doing it outdoors in summers, don’t forget to wear polarized sunglasses as Wiley X Spear.


Always a good idea if the birthday boy or girl is a sporty kind. Paintball lets you burn calories & have a lot of fun, without hurting anyone. It’s a great stress buster as well.  

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