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Technology Wednesday, December 2, 2020 Comments (0)

5 Best Instagram Giveaway Ideas and Their Execution

With the changing world dynamics and advancement in technology, a shift in business trends has also been observed. Now, more businesses are inclined towards digital marketing. And social media has, undoubtedly, become one of the worthiest and profitable digital marketing platforms.

Instagram is one of the most significant social media platforms. Ever since Instagram giveaway ideas rolled out many people have shown a lot of inclinations towards it. Initially, it was just the same as any other social media platform. But gradually people have started sharing their day-to-day life on the platform.

Now, Instagram has surpassed nearly one billion monthly active users. And the mere question that why businesses are investing their time and money in such a platform is out of the equation. Naturally, Instagram would drive more audiences towards the brands, hence boosting their business directly.

What are Instagram giveaways?

Instagram giveaways are one of the most strategic ways to boost your business. But before moving on to the part that how these giveaways work, it is imperative to know what exactly these giveaways are?

In Instagram giveaways, the hosting party usually asks the followers to do something like;

  1. Share the post
  2. tag some friends
  3. Follow the page, etc

And in return, they will receive one of their products free of cost. Then the owner of the brand/page selects the lucky winners and give away their products.

These giveaways can be the most optimal way to target your audiences on your website. These giveaways keep the people interested in your page, hence keeping your page in constant engagement with your audiences.

Best Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Most of the businesses following the trend and hype randomly host some giveaways, without setting the goal or following a particular strategy. Well, there is a great deal of work behind the giveaways. Read on to find some great ideas you could use before strategizing an Instagram giveaway.

There is a wide range of Instagram giveaway ideas, from simply asking the participants to follow your account to encouraging some user-generated content. Here we have strained some ideas for you;

  • Ask participants to follow your account

There might be some people visiting your account without hitting the ‘follow’ button, but when you encourage them to hit the follow button, you are indirectly increasing your target audiences.

  • Hashtags are the King

You may ask your followers to post their photos using a particular hashtag, to be eligible for the giveaway. Using relevant hashtags could drive a massive targeted audience towards your account.

  • Like and share to win

Ask your followers to like and share the specific post you have created for the giveaway. This would be a great step to expand your growth, meanwhile, targeting your audiences too.

  • Caption competition

Post a photo and ask the participants to add the most suited caption, it would help you get in direct contact with them.

  • Photo contest

This is one of the most unique ways to enhance your brand growth. People love posting pictures on Instagram, then why don't give them an incentive and use it for your growth. Ask the participants to upload their pictures using your brand products, hence directly influencing your growth.

Instagram Growth Services

The rising trends towards social networking have massively increased the competition, amongst businesses world. The most prevalent parameter/indicator to measure someone’s success is to check their follower’s count.

Businesses have always been in a constant struggle to get more and more followers. However, it could take weeks, months, or years to gain a large number of followers and get constant engagement with them. So, there comes the role of Instagram Growth Services in action.

An Instagram growth service saves you the trouble of worrying about your Instagram growth by expanding your marketing and managing a consistent audience growth, hence, saving your time and energy.


Social media marketing has certainly become one of the handiest marketing strategies to reach your targeted audience. But, at the same time, to stand out in such a competition is surely not a child’s play. A well-executed strategy could work wonders in this regard.

Therefore, Instagram giveaways are one of the significant tools to attract your targeted audience. But when it couples up with Instagram growth services, the results are just exceptional.

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