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News Monday, March 2, 2020 Comments (0)

A Lot Hangs in The Balance in The Face of Israel’s Elections

Known as ‘the nation of startups’, the leaders of Israel have a lot of problems to resolve as voters head to the polls. This would be its third official election in a year. Amidst all this, there are growing concerns about education, healthcare & breaking political stalemates. Speaking of healthcare, countless patients wait for cures in hospitals. Israel has one of the most overcrowded numbers of hospitals in the world. It also faces a population growth problem, with the rate hovering at 1.65%.


Statesmen are still clueless on how to go about solving this dilemma. The traffic control system is another source of worry. It ranks among the worst in the realm of developed countries. There's an absence of exclusive lanes for buses & cyclists. Traffic congestion is commonplace, causing a loss of productivity of almost $10 million.


Israel is now spending more money on education but schools are still failing to deliver. Teachers complain of being underpaid, leading to a drop in quality. The rich spend on private tutoring, something which not everyone can afford. There's a lack of vocational training for teachers. In short, politicians need to pull their socks up in 2020.

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