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Business Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Comments (0)

Apple Launches iOS 13.4 Beta Today

If you’re an Apple user who’s been waiting for quite a time for a fresh update, then today’s the day for you. Apple is set to launch iOS 13.4 for iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone. They released the update at 10 a.m. pacific time. It’s the perfect time for developers to download the latest iOS from the Developer Center. The SDK is also available with Xcode 11.4. What’s new with this update? Let’s find out.

Memoji Stickers & Folder Sharing

There are a lot of nitty-gritty updates that come with iOS 13.4 Beta. For instance, there’s an added feature of iCloud Folder Sharing with iCloud Drive. This allows you to view any changes made by other users permitted to use that folder in the drive. Moreover, there are more iPhone’s memoji faces available now. Some of them include a prayer’s hands face, crazy mad, celebration & rolling eyes face among many others. There’s been a major change in toolbar’s design in the Mail application too.


‘CarKey’ Feature

With regard to security, the new ‘CarKey’ feature lets you take more control of your vehicle. The CarKey API lets you use your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock your car. Sounds cool, right? This is to make you feel as secure as a fresh pair of WILEY X GRAVITY. Anyone using NFC-compatible cars should be able to get their hands on this feature. All you need to do is bring your device close to the car like any keyless entry. You may even share the feature with your friends & family if they’re using the same car.

A New ‘Unified’ Feature

Apple now allows developers to bundle iPhone & iPad applications together. Xcode 11.4 allows bundling of purchases in a way to transfer between macOS & iOS. It’s no surprise that Apple is taking bold steps to unify macOS & iOS stores in the future.

Support for SE2

Rumors say that the latest iPhone for users on a budget is set to launch sometime in early April. Apple is adding more value to users who can’t afford to spend $1200 on a smartphone. This is going to be a great initiative as Apple tries to improve its support for a diverse range of user base.

iOS 13 has been fairly kind to its users across the globe. You can download the latest update by checking the software update settings of your phone.

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