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News Friday, May 15, 2020 Comments (0)

Are Wraparound Eyewear Right for You?

Have you ever decided to plan for buying wraparound eyewear? Do you know why they are essential if you belong to an active lifestyle? Most of OnGuard safety glasses are available in wraparound frames with prescription lenses.

This shape of eyeglasses keeps speed up with your active lifestyle. Perhaps, you will be searching for new sunglasses that can deliver ultimate protection to your eyes. Are you interested to get full round eyewear that protects you from harmful sun rays and fast blowing wind?

Wraparound specs give comprehensive protection to your peepers, but it’s purchasing is a difficult task as well. Here are some pros and cons that will help you to give complete detail about certain kinds of eyewear.

What is this Wraparound:

The word wraparound is mentioned for a style of eyewear like other aviators and round shape eyewear. This style is in a trend, and many people love to wear this style eyeglass. Approximately, they are available in sunglasses form, but some people want to keep lenses clear for a better view.

So, it has become a major trend, and almost all walks of life people take interest to buy them. No doubt, this wraparound shape can give a heroic look to anyone. Most notable thing is that they look good and fit on any face shape like OnGuard safety glasses.

You can select lenses in any shade according to your environment. Besides, they are the ideal option for spending holidays on the beach and athlete planets as well.

Significant Benefits that Can Get From Wraparound Eyewear:

  1.          Deliver a supreme level of safety, no matter what kind of activity you are involved in.
  2.          Performance allows concentrating on a task.
  3.          Its curved shape hugs any head circumference easily.
  4.          Most brands prefer to use rubber arms and tips of temples because this frame shape design delivers extra support and grip your head.
  5.          Provide a wide vision field area due to wraparound structure.
  6.          It’s streamlined design appeals to both men and women.
  7.          Wraparound eyewear is most suitable because they prevent your eyes from visible and invisible light.
  8.          Provide complete protection from dust and flying debris.
  9.          Deliver four-sided shield your eyes and no need to buy individual any side shield.

Few Minor Issues with Wraparound Frames:

  •          The eyeglasses shade should be a minimum of UV 400 rating otherwise it would be not affected.
  •          Avoid having a cheap quality lens in this shape of eyewear otherwise, your vision will distort.
  •          Poor quality lenses could not provide quality vision from edges of the eyeglasses as they bent.
  •          Be extra careful for tints in choosing sunny eyewear essentially for wraparound shape.

How can Choose a Tint for Prescription Wraparound Glasses?

If you are interested in half or full round specs, you must follow some requirements:

  •          For water and snowing activities, amber and red tints are a perfect choice.
  •          For indoor activities, you must go with yellow or orange shade lenses.
  •          Yellow or orange shades perfectly work while driving at night.
  •          Green shade lenses work better if you are participating in cricket or football.
  •          For golfing and somehow water sports, copper and brown-tinted are a perfect option for wraparound eyewear.
  •          For all kinds of outdoor activities, prefer to choose grey tints because it enhances vision line.
Best Places for Order Wraparound Style Eyewear:

Hence, this is a hard task to find a website from where you can buy your favorite style. But many optical websites having a huge collection of different shape of safety eyewear.

So, resolving this issue, you have to spend some time browsing and choose any reputable website that has immeasurable user reviews. Finalize that site that has exclusive eyewear with different price tags.

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