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Black History Month USA | 2022

Black history month is the yearly celebration for the attainments through African Americans to identify the chief role in American History. This day has the second name like African American month, an incident cultivated in Negro History.

This is the creation of Carter G.Woodson and much more popular black American. Therefore, from 1976, every president of America has formally declared February month as black history month. Apart from America, some other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada also dedicate a month for the celebration of the black month.

How Did Black History Month Start?

A renowned historian Carter G.Woodson was the brainchild of the association Negro Life History, raised his voice due to no information on the attainment of Black people publically. In 1926, these people collectively designed February month like Negro History Week to identify the achievements of Black American people in American History. Only a few people knew about Black history month, and it was not the part of the textbook that created Negro History Week.


The reason to choose the 2nd week of February was the date of birth of Fredrick Douglass who finished the practice of slavery, and Abraham Lincoln was the former American president. President Abraham Lincoln run the government of the US during the civil war. The civil war was the clash for the slavery of black people in the United States. Most leaders and schools got aware of a black month after its formation.

In 1976, this month was formally declared as black history month when American President G. Ford expand the identification for the incomplete achievement of black history month people in all areas in history. Therefore, Black history month was celebrated in February month of the United States.  

How Did Black History Month Popular?

However, black history month was the first rehearsal of Negro History Week was established in February by G.Woodson. He is the father of black history month because G.woodson developed African studies. And his association supports people of all sections to discuss the experience of black Americans in the history of the United States. There are famous black history month quotes by G.Woodson and encourage people to get awareness about their rights.

 “Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.” ― Carter G. Woodson

Why February Month was Chosen as a Black History Month?

February month was chosen by G. Woodson, after long inquiries because it is the date of birth of two famous personalities. These two famous personalities are social activist Fredrick and former president Abraham Lincoln of the United States. Both personalities have a critical role in ending slavery.

Therefore, the black history month colors are officially yellow, green, black, and red. A lot of stress increased in the United States due to the fame of the flag. These colors are the symbols of African minorities.

  •          The red color is for the African bloodshed in the time of European occupation
  •          Black color is for the African people
  •          Green indicates the land fertility
  •          Yellow color is for the African riches looted under professions


So, Woodson already knew about the celebration of African people for the Lincoln and Douglass birthdays. He was searching to build one tradition. He told African people to know more about black history and don’t follow new traditions. Through his prominent association, he developed new awareness about the complete history of Black Americans.

How Did Black History Month Become National Month?

In the 1960s, the role of civil rights day and developing the identification of black people, people celebrated Negro History Week in the honor of mayors. In the end, that event appeared in the form of Black History Month after many campaigns.  


Finally, president G. Ford formally identified Black history month. Besides, it was a great wish of the president to open the opportunities for the mistreated Black Americans. Therefore, during his government, every American citizen had understood black history and its objectives. But it was not yet popular till 1986, because from that date, it became observed formally.

And the main aim was to bring awareness about all efforts for the same opportunity and rights. Bringing awareness for the freedom of black Americans, there were many black history month movies introduced. These movies were so diverse that make this event more prominent, and more and more people started to participate in these campaigns.

So, black history month has been a long journey for the freedom fighter to prevent slavery and racism. Besides, black history month 2022 will be celebrated with the theme consideration US health care has been neglected to provide African American people.


After a long struggle, black history month is not only celebrated in the US but around the world as well. Therefore, in the United States, February was chosen as black history month because it is the date of birth of two prominent black personalities Lincoln, a former US president, and Fredrick social activist.

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