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Top 10 Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp Selling Products in USA

Himalayan crystal lamps are hygroscopic crystals galvanized through a heat bulb. Generally, these salt crystals absorb water droplets with smoke, pollens, dust, and many more particles in the air. When these salt lamps are switched on, the heat of these light bulbs vaporizes water molecules and pollutants remain inside.

While heating, the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp releases negative ions that help to decrease radioactive. And electromagnetic elements in the air of your room with successive results. Apart, they help in decreasing asthma, tension-free atmosphere, relieving allergies, and peaceful sleep. So, these Himalayan crystal salts are soothing and natural to purifier the air of your room.

In recent years, crystal salts have sizable popularity in different ways like home décor, beauty parlor, and spas. These lamps emit appealing pink glowing light as they lit. The radiant lights pass more ambiance, character, and elegance in your room. Therefore, the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is used as a decorative piece in rooms. So, if you need something to enhance the interior of your home, look at these options.




These crystal salts are a big source to reduce allergens, air-purifying of your room, enhance mood, better breath if you have asthma, and fall asleep. So, Himalayan salts have several advantages for health. And interestingly, they come in almost all sizes and shapes in the big marketplace and corner shop as well. By this guideline, you will know everything about Himalayan salts how to pick the best one for you. There are top best picks of Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp that would help to choose the right one for you.


Top 10 Himalayan Crystal Salts:


1- Crystal Décor Himalayan Pick Salt Lamp:

This is a basket-style Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp in metal and black holder with a natural cut of salt rocks inside the rack. Apart from this, the basket-style salt lamp requires a 15W bulb in the middle of a salt lamp that offers a double décor. Crystal pink salt lamp is made for more traffic areas, so apply it at the entry table or your living room as a centerpiece. The light orange light is perfect for meditation or night light.

2- Spantik Flower Shape Himalaya Salt:

Sputnik lamp is ideal for an office desk due to its flower shape. The tulip shape Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is made naturally from Himalayan salt. So, it can use as a decoration piece if a light is not available. And the plus point of this salt lamp is the availability of a power cord with a suitable dimmer switch. The lamp has two extra bulb options for the replacement objective.

3- UMAID Natural Himalayan Salt:

This lamp is exclusively made from salt min of the Himalayan mountains. The beautiful black stand and smooth rectangle shape make it enough stylish lamp for your room. UMAID salt lamp has a 15W bulb with a dimmer switch that can help you to hold a level of light. It is a notable option for office, living room, meditation, or living room. Because this Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is constructed for purifying the air of your surrounding environment. Further, it offers you a peaceful effect because of the pink glow.

4- Himalayan Glow Natural Lamp:

The six-pound-weight Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is integrated with a solid wooden base. You can attach it by yourself that can turn off automatically who need tension-free option. Aside from this lamp has simple instructions to follow for a unified setup. The most amazing thing is its budget-friendly feature for all buyers who are curious about getting the best advantages of a salt lamp. On top of that, the cut surfaces indicate that they are created from pure crystal salt. 

5- AMIR salt lamp in two-pack:

Selling out in the form of two sets these Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp are the best option for a kid’s room, bathroom, or can use on both sides of a large bedroom. They are available in 2 wall units, and four bulbs are simple to the plugin. The individual unit has a separate power switch, but the dimmer cannot hold a light level. They have two styles cylinder style and natural rock as you need.

6- Himalayan Salt Solution Salt Rock:

The mixing of orange and pink color Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a beautiful addition to ay room. So, whether you have an outside setup or need light for nighttime, they are a perfect choice for all places. The salt lamp has 6 pounds, is constructed with this point of view to look appealing for any area. This salt lamp comes with a wooden base and a rough exterior. As it has no bulb, but a 15W bulb can perform well.

7- HeaHap Himalayan Salt Lamp:

Undoubtedly, this Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a perfect option for young kids' bedrooms or you can use it as home décor. These salt lamps are stylish and have a fun experience to get an advantage from Himalayan lamps. Besides, these are classic and string-style lamps that allow light to distribute around the room. This set of lamps has 1oled lights with a sixty-inch extension lead cord.

8- Candleholders Himalayan salt holder:

Candleholders are excellent pieces of the crystal candle holder and don’t need any electrical cord. You have an option to choose either scented or unscented lights as a base to warm the room. The Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp of candle salt holders is free from sockets or cords that can easily arrange at any place. Due to its unique structure, the holders are designed to emit natural ions in the environment.

9- Sharper Image Himalayan Salt Lamp Plus a Diffuser:

Best to soothe and activate senses due to crystal salt lamp and diffuser. The Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is designed two in one feature to create a soothing mist that moisturizes the dry air of a room. Use essential oil to freshen up the required space. The minus ion of this salt lamp makes air pure, and the lamp salt lamp has five suitable glowing adjustments as you need light.

10- Salt Lamp Co. Heart Shape Night Light:

Hear shape Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a fun design, and it is a superb choice for teenagers. This is genuinely handmade with Himalayan salt, and its glowing light offers relaxation to the kids and even improves sleep quality. Heart shape lamps release natural ionizers that impure air at night time. This salt lamp uses only a 7W bulb with a simple power button.


What is a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp?


Himalayan crystal salts are famous because of their glow pink color, are organic, and several advantages. Many types of research reveal that crystal salt release negative ions in the surrounding environment, enhance air quality and soothing energy around your space.

However, the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is secure, but it has few risks. You should be aware if you need to get them for your home. This article will give you more detail about using salt lamps safely. Himalayan salt lamps are basically a chunk of rock salts lit up through electric bulbs. Several people find these lamps like sunset glow pleasing and soothing.

Some people even suggest that these salts' lamps purify the air and offer several health advantages like enhancing sleep quality, boosting the mood, and enhancing breathing conditions. So, generally, these Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp completely change the ions of air, reduce allergens and help to support mood.

Undoubtedly, some evidence suggests they have large amounts of negative ions in the air. So, it helps to enhance health conditions. Researchers also state that minus ions around Himalayan lamps are not enough concentrated can offer any clear health advantages.

However, there is not enough scientific evidence to offer health advantages, and a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is just a decorative accessory like others. Make it essential to observe its risks for use at home, but don’t forget to wear Wileyx glasses.


Buying Guide for Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp:


Do you want to shop for a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp? You will observe that it is not easy to shop salt whether you choose an online store or an offline store. The salt lamps are also available in different styles, sizes, colors, shapes, and costs. You should understand the online selling of salt lamps is affected copies. Don't spend some dollars on a salt lamp that cannot provide you any health advantage.

If you require a salt lamp for the bedroom or living room, you want a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp that can function well according to your home style. There are vital things and a few factors you must keep in mind while picking out the best Himalayan salt lamp for your need.


Color of Crystal Salt Lamp: 


 Genuinely, Himalayan crystal salts lamps come in four chief colors off-white, orange, pink, and red. The color of salt depends on the salt mines from which it is extracted. So, choose the right salt color that can pair your décor of a home.

    • A red hue Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is vogue, super stylish, and bold, but it blocks too much light. If you like dark settings, a red lamp is the best option. Red salt lamps are excellent for darker areas with hues of deep purple, dark, and some other balancing colors. As per your expectations, there are several tones of red, and all of them are according to personal style.
    • The pink Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp has many health advantages, and many advocates say about this. This color lamp offers a beautiful glow, and the most surprising thing is a most selling online lamp. A pink salt lamp is the most suitable fixture for a feminine room with white decoration and blush accents.




  • Orange color Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp creates warm light that doesn’t only give vibrant appealing but is soothing. The pink salt glow is good because the bright color offers a forgery look. As it has a great tendency to shine than others. It gives appealing feelings in the off-shite décor room, and it can make the best pair with warm or hot colors. 
  • A white salt lamp is famous, but they are less available. Be careful while buying white Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp because many markets have forgeries collections. The best trick is to find a white slat lamp of the Khewra salt mine of Pakistan. It is a bit costly due to rare. 


The Shape of the Himalayan Salt Lamp:


Crystal salt lamps come in two different categories, either natural or crafted.

  • Crafted Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is soft and can design into any manageable shape. So, you will get in the appearance of famous buildings, squares, hearts, pyramids, roses, and many more. It can be a perfect present for your loved one or dearest friend, or you can enhance your interior with the different and unique shape of crystal salt lamps and get its health advantages.
  • Natural lamps look so genuine with the rough appeal, and shoppers love to choose natural shape salt lamps. If an uneven surface salt lamp is your favorite choice, it is the perfect option for you. Keep remembering the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp rocks can give pure air and other health advantages.

Size of Crystal Salt Lamp:

Well, finding the perfect size of the lamp depend on your room size because salt lamps have a specific ionization range. A term used for the salt lamp is functional in purifying the air but in a small area. The small salt lamp is suitable for a small room. And the big salt lamp is considered suitable for a large room. Your room size has a significant role figure out the exact lamp size. The Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp size is linked with the weight of salt lamps because heavier lamps offer a wide range of ionization. Keep remembering these mere suggestions, and it would be better to buy a hefty salt lamp than small size. 


Tips using Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Safely:


  • Before purchasing Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp products, inspect carefully and keep away from the kid’s approach. Other than that, it would be better to keep away the wire from touching a salt lamp.
  • Make sure about the safety of pets and kids before planning to buy a salt lamp for your home. The surface of the salt lamp should be secure, stable, and out of the approach of the curious child.
  • Before buying a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp, determine for what purpose you need it. Do you need it for your living room or office environment? For your home environment, you should invest in a small salt lamp. You must prefer to buy 6 to 7 pounds for your office atmosphere. 
  • If you have young children or pets at your home, place the salt lamp at a higher position. So, keep out of the approach of the children.
  • Do a little search about a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp you need to buy because it will save your effort and time to replace them.
  • Find the safest place in your room to figure out where power cords are positioned. It will support determining the appropriate cord length for the Himalayan crystal salt lamp.




So, Himalayan crystal salt lamps are famous fixtures due to their salmon glow, rough appearance, and warmth. Some advocate that they help to improve sleep quality, enhance your mood, and increase air quality. They have health advantages but are not approved scientifically, and even some have small risks as well.

The specific risk is dimmer switches because they can ignite or overheat with time. The drawback relates to the weight of these Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp. If you place them at some higher surface, chances can fall and even injure some children.

To avoid these issues, you must ensure you are buying certified wiring of the lamps. So, pick out a salt lamp that is genuinely made from Pakistani salt through an approved manufacturer. Whether you need to shop for a salt lamp attaining a health advantage or for natural beauty, make sure you have a safe product because it can enhance your enjoyment.

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