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News Thursday, January 27, 2022 Comments (0)

When and Why is the Chinese New Year 2022?

Are you feeling ground vibrating under your feet every 1st February? Don’t be scared. It is the start of New Year Chinese. On this day, you will observe almost 20% world's population will celebrate warmly with fireworks than other days. It is the biggest celebration that occurs through red envelopes, delicious food, and sanctification for all.


Now the question is when is the Chinese New Year 2022?

The lunar year of the Chinese New Year is celebrated for fifteen days every year as per the detection of a new moon. This festival is called the spring festival and every time different animal is linked. Besides, these animals are rotated as per fixed rotation.



What is Chinese New Year:

Among Chinese festivals, the Chinese New Year is celebrated at the start of every year according to a traditional calendar of Chinese. Although, the festival is stated like a spring festival, particularly in China. Besides, this same festival is celebrated in Asia with the name of Lunar new year. However, the first day for the Chinese of a new year begins with the new moon also appears from 21st January to 20th February.

It is the main holiday for China and has a significant influence on the lunar year celebration on Chinese culture containing Vietnam and Korea. Besides, this is also a worldwide celebration in different countries and regions with large Chinese populations like Indonesia, Europe, Singapore, and North America.


Chinese New Year Date:

In 1928, A Kuomintang party announced the new date on 1st January of according to the Gregorian Calendar. But it was unrestricted because of irresistible disagreement from the public. While on Cultural Revolution in 1967, the new year celebration was banned in Great China. The State Council of China declared that people should change their customs. Besides, people should require to think about the New Year event. They were not getting any holidays in the spring festival. The most celebrated was restored during Chinese reforms.


Traditionally, the festival was in the honor of divinities as their ancestors performed. In China, many traditional customs were celebrated on the day of the New Year at many places. Eventually, the New Year event for Chinese families to meet at the reunion for the annual dinner. It is also a custom of Chinese families to get rid of all ill-fortune and welcome to the incoming good luck.



Basic Traditions of the Chinese New Year:

According to the Astrological calendar of Chinese, containing 12 animals. And these are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. In this sequence, the Chinese New Year is a big celebration, the same New year celebration according to the Gregorian calendar. It is a tradition related to this special day with the family's great feast.

Such specific foods are used as a symbol and are commonplace in the Chinese New year. Dumplings indicate wealth, that’s why these are eaten in enough amount with fish. Red is a lucky color for China, and during this year, you can notify everyone in this color. This color indicates luck, happiness, fame, beauty, and vitality.


Statistics of Chinese New Year:

According to 2020 on Chinese new year, the world population is around 7.7 billion. Among the total population worldwide, two billion people will celebrate Chinese New year. In the central land of China, around 1.41 billion people and 7 million people belong to the land of Hong Kong. After adding the total population of china around the world, it touches the figure of 2 billion people.

Chinese New year celebration cannot fulfill with a red envelope, and it is given to the children and some young relatives as well. Therefore, approximately 8 billion red envelop are passed out to Chinese families worldwide. Besides, every red envelope containing chocolate coins or cash is a symbol of wealth and good luck for the Chinese new year.  


Technically, the Chinese new year celebration remains for 15 days as per spring festivals, but it starts with New year's eve and makes it 16. But you can also add the holiday season that starts from the Lunar as Laba festivals. So, it makes 40 days entirely of holiday celebration. Traditionally, you have to spend your time with the family and go out for other tasks after the 5th day. However, this is a national holiday, and large stores remain close at the start of this month. The Chinese store's sacks, cooking supplies, new clothes, gifts, or whatever they need for this occasion.



So, the Chinese New year is the biggest celebration of China to warm welcome of good fortune and prosperity according to traditional ancestors. Its other name is the Spring festival that remains for almost two weeks and starts as the Gregorian calendar.


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