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Business Friday, February 14, 2020 Comments (0)

Choosing Bespoke Safety Frames for Prescription Glasses

Finding the perfect eyewear that is customized to your optical needs is now easier than ever. There’s a huge range of safety frames for prescription glasses wearers. Now, shopping online gives you more options than going to a retail store.


On the other hand, it becomes even more convenient in the case of a worker who is enrolled in a safety program in some company. This article is all about what matters when it comes to personalizing your eye protection PPE to an optimum level.


Lens Material For ANSI Eyeglasses

For someone who wants to get the best experience when it comes to adding the lens material for ANSI rated eyewear, polycarbonate lenses are ideal. The very material is ten times more durable than plastic or glass, which makes them the perfect candidate if you want the best of robustness & durability against high impact accidents.


In the case of industrial workers, most ANSI rated eyewear come with polycarbonate lenses & promise shatterproof protection. If you need to use your glasses for reading as well, try adding an anti-scratch coating that will help keep away any scratches from tarnishing the lenses.


Picking The Right Lens Type

Deciding on what kind of lenses best complement your vision can be sometimes tricky. For most people, single vision lenses work well in terms of offering a greater surface area to view through. The very lens type works best if you only have one type of vision correction condition (long or short-sightedness at a time), thus providing a seamless vision.


You should also customized safety frames for prescription glasses that provide the best fit for your lens type. However, if you’re someone with multiple vision conditions either due to aging or any other reason in general, going for bifocals or progressive lenses would make more sense.


On the whole, there’s no doubt that every person’s optical needs are unique up to some extent. Having a functional vision at a workplace that requires you to wear eye protection PPE is indispensable. Hence, when deciding on what frame complements your chosen lens type, a careful assessment beforehand is important with the help of your company’s safety program.


Talk With Your Program Manager

It always pays to consult the person responsible for handling the employee's safety program at your company. Often at times, employers understand better what's required for their employees regarding eye protection. For instance, before actually placing an order for your frames on the company’s kiosk management system, you should provide them with the latest & updated version of your prescription.This is an important step towards wearing eyeglasses that provide the desired level of visual acuity.


Moreover, corporate programs regarding the health & fitness of employees are better able to assess your employee’s protective needs. Companies often have to suffer monetary penalties in terms of absenteeism & labor turnover as a result of eye injuries suffered by workers. An effective enterprise-wide safety program is essential to prescribe the right kind of PPE that works in a certain situation.

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