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News Monday, January 3, 2022 Comments (0)

Why Is Civil Rights Day Celebrated?

Every year of January’s third Monday, there is a state holiday in New Hampshire and Arizona of the United States. It is in the honor of activists of civil rights that relate to Martin Luther king day. This means civil rights day is a national holiday in two states where almost all business sectors and schools remain closed on this day.


Purpose of This Civil Rights Day:


Most people of New Hampshire and Arizona celebrate civil rights day in the honor of the social rights movement. Even some schools include quizzes, class reports, and lessons about social rights today. Students have to explore more about the importance and the background of civil rights in the US and even globally.


Of course, media has an essential role in the problems about civil rights day. Besides, people also read online articles, print, or even special television programs to publicize that movement. Furthermore, all information points out the issues and achievements of history in this modern time.

Therefore, there is announced a public holiday in New Hampshire and Arizona in many schools, businesses, and offices of these states. Besides, vehicle traveling is prohibited on this day. Those people who want to approach public transport on this civil rights day are checked by their authorities. Therefore, the third Monday of January of a new year is declared a public holiday.


History of Civil Rights Day:


New Hampshire gets Fast the day before the introduction of civil rights day. Fast days used to be popular in the colonies of Hampshire for many years. Generally, these days were the reminding of social humiliation. Therefore, prayer and fasting governors deal out to prevent crop failures, earthquakes, and many more needless events.

In the earliest days, the Fast day declaration was in Boston in September of 1670. The legislature of New Hampshire put an end to this Fast day into civil rights day. Then that day was scheduled on the third Monday of every January in the honor of the great king Martin Luther.

There was made a compromise for 12 years for this day, and it was ended with another name of Martin Luther King Jr’s. And it is also called MLK Day as a public holiday. Although, most people of the New Hampshire state-linked it with king Martin Luther with the day off because he was the most appreciated man of civil movement in the United States.

With the inclusion of Arizona, the state governor declared its date on the third Sunday from 1988 every year. But in 1992, there was a proposition of 300 voters of Arizona declared it as civil rights day or Martin Luther King on the 3rd Monday of every January of a new year. But Arizona declared a state holiday in 1993.


The Motive Behind Civil Rights Day:


Civil rights day is the freedom and rights are allowed under a law that administers a nation. In America, civil rights are assured in the Establishment, specifically the right of bills and other alterations. According to the 13th Amendment of 1865 slavery was banned, and it was the surety that black people of America in the South didn’t allow the practice of civil rights. So, civil rights day is the movement in the US that supports people for equality in the state.

On 12th August in 1987, the presidential proclamation confirmed civil rights day. Therefore, this is the day for all people living in America to have equal rights. Besides, it is time to continually defense civil rights assured in the Establishment. Very soon, some people recommended Martin Luther King day should observe as civil rights day. Therefore, Dr. King and a few other people had dedicated their lives to a great cause.


Modern-Day Civil Rights:


If you are in the state of New Hampshire or Arizona in America, you will observe a national holiday on the third Monday of the first month of every year. It is the national holiday in the honor of the great accomplishment of Martin Luther King Jr in these states. These two states want to celebrate civil rights day in the name of Martin Luther King. This is the day of achievements of those people who brought a considerable change in the history of America.



The movement of civil rights day in the US was a great effort of African Americans to end racial segregation and racial discrimination.



So, this is the movement for the assurance of equal rights in the United States including women, other populations, and racial groups. It is widely associated with the movement of the 50s and 60s in which Martin Luther King was active. This civil movement was for the equality of workers’ rights, the right to vote, the end of discrimination, and other problems.

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