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Technology Thursday, September 16, 2021 Comments (0)

What to Consider in Prescription Safety Glasses Frames?


Several things you need to consider when you are shopping for prescription safety glasses frames. This post will guide you on what to consider for safety eyewear frames.


Appropriate safety is essential for the protection and health of workers. According to OSHA report that more than 700,000 workers are injured at their job place per year. Effective eyes safety is significant for keeping costs down for the health of the workers. This is because these injuries cost is more than a million per annum.



There is also reported that most eye injuries were preventable by wearing the right safety glasses. Therefore, there is no excuse not to wear safety eyewear because it is the best solution for eyes safety. Every human being is different from others physically, of course, they have unique vision needs. Besides, working tasks, job environment, and needs must consider while picking the best safety specs. You will learn how to choose the best safety frames for your work needs.


OSHA and ANSI Safety Standard:



Protective eyewear only comes in the safety standard if both lenses and frames meet specific standards OSHA and ANSI. OHSA applies safety standards and all these safety criteria are set by the ANSI for the different products comprising safety eyewear frames. They make sure that all safety products must exceed the effective protective level.


According to ANSI standard, all protective glasses should mark with ANSI Z87.1 clearly. And it should be permanently on the lens and frames. All safety products have visible marking on protective frames that indicate safety levels in different areas.


  • Z87 is a basic standard for lenses, and Z87+ is specific for strong impact.
  • D for splash and droplet, D4 and D5 is for dust and fine dust
  • R for infrared light
  • U for ultraviolet light
  • W for welding
  • V for a variable tint of transition or photochromic lenses
  • S for special purpose design for lens


Some Other Factors to Consider for Safety Glasses:



It is necessary to consider the right fir of protective glasses and goggles while picking prescription safety specs. If protective specs are not a good fit, they cannot offer a high level of protection for which you have bought. Besides, if you are uncomfortable wearing them, of course, you wouldn’t prefer to wear them when you need them. There are several options available for protective goggles and Rx frames. Getting the perfect eye protection, you must consider the following factors.


  • Identify the exact hazard of your working environment
  • Choose the right fitting frame, and it should be according to size and shape among a wide range of options.
  • Pick the right safety lenses if you need prescription lenses.


Identify possible hazards for safety eyewear frames:


Ordering the right kinds of prescription safety glasses for getting the right level of protection, you must know about the hazards. Potential dangers can determine what types of safety eyewear you need for a specific place.


Therefore, the common hazards are following:


  • Radiation
  • Impact
  • Chemical splashes
  • Fine dust particles



So, if you may require correct prescription lenses for the workplace, make sure they are ANSI-rated. The prescription lenses must follow the safety standards of ANSI Z87 for basic hazards.

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