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News Thursday, March 12, 2020 Comments (0)

Coronavirus is Now a Pandemic, W.H.O Reports

The World Health Organization officially declared Coronavirus as a global pandemic yesterday. COVID-19 is a global threat, claiming more than 4,000 lives following its massive outbreak. W.H.O’s director-general called all nations to stand united & fight this common threat with diligence. He further stated that fortunate countries must help those in despair. Dr. Tredos also stressed that hospitals & other healthcare must operate at maximum effectiveness. He said that all must learn from China who is successfully reducing 3500 patients per day.

No Time To Give Up Yet

W.H.O stresses that contamination shouldn’t stop by any means. It’s important to quarantine the patients, which is being done in China. The country has proven to be a hotbed for Coronavirus, although it’s carrying out efforts on a massive scale to contain the virus. In European countries, this pandemic isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Some of the worse affected Asian nations such as South Korea & Singapore say that the number of patients is starting to decrease. Still, this is no time to be optimistic.


Precations Are Imperative

One should wear the popularized N-95 mask to prevent the contraction of bacterial function. If you wish to wear sports polarized sunglasses as Wiley X Omega or any other protective eyewear, please do so. Coronavirus is infectious. This is why so many cities including Wuhan are no longer operative to curb the disease from spreading any further. There are health checkpoints set up at public transport stops to diagnose patients for fever.

One shouldn’t discount the use of hand sanitizer. The sales for hand sanitizers have skyrocketed by 255 percent in the UK. Beyond that, regular washing of hands & face is a good way to get rid of any lingering bacteria. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. On the other hand, seriously infected people shall be quarantined at all costs. There’s no compromise on this.

Will Things Get Better?

In the current scheme of things, the worst is yet to come. However, China is able to reduce the contamination by tightening its grip on the outbreak. W.H.O is firing all cylinders to provide poor countries with adequate resouces to battle COVID-19. The organization may be late in declaring Coronavirus as a pandemic, but it was done to provide an impetus to the world to keep on their toes in the battle against this deadly virus.

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