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Business Monday, March 16, 2020 Comments (0)

COVID-19 Update: Top Tips for Working from Home

It seems like most people have started working on a remote basis amidst the coronavirus outbreak on a global scale. This goes for especially for those who work in tech companies. There are plenty of ways to work without losing your productivity when performing your daily grind at home.


Despite its shortcomings, working from your accommodation offers an array of benefits. This includes avoidance of traffic jams, saving fuel costs & above all, flexibility. In the same vein, this article contains some tips to let you stay on top of your game when working from home.


Use Facetime, Skype Or Slack

Using software for proper communication is imperative for convenient collaboration. You must have these apps installed on your computer already. All you need to do is log into them & keep yourself updated on what’s happening on your current project at work. Conversely, if you don’t have any of these programs, it’s high time that you do so. Feel free to consult the IT manager of your company for any guidance.


Use Google Office Suite

Tools as Google Docs, Spreadsheet & Drive offer a workflow with a seamless combination. Sharing documents on a realtime basis becomes a critical component when working remotely. This is why it makes to use the google office suite instead of sticking on to any software that’s installed on your laptop. Remember to back up your data to Dropbox, Onedrive or Google Drive while you’re away from your office desk.


Maintain Your Health

Perhaps the most crucial one. Neglecting your well being at this stage would be self-sabotaging of the highest kind. Coronavirus has killed more than six thousand people globally. If stepping out in public, remember to wear polarized sunglasses like Wiley X Vallus. Try wearing an N-95 mask that helps with preventing droplets from coming in contact with your skin. It’s normal to take breaks, but doing so with proper precautions is the right way.


Stick To Work Schedule

Completing tasks on your hours seems like a tempting idea, but it’s a no brainer to adhere to whatever as you would on a normal day at work. This would prevent any discrepancies among other employees & yourself. Most importantly, getting things done in a timeframe would also let you have free time for doing your stuff at home.

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