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Business Tuesday, September 8, 2020 Comments (0)

Difference Between Car Tyres, SUV Tyres, Light Truck Tyres And Commercial Truck Tyres

The tyre industry has evolved — from merely making contact with the road to maintaining traction on a variety of surfaces. There is a lot of variety of tyres. Featuring different tyres for different body styles — tyres come in different sizes.

Tyres come in various sizes and types. Without wasting any time let’s directly get into the details of tyres.

There are four different types of tyres. These are divided into the following categories.

  •        Car tyres
  •        SUV tyres
  •        Light truck tyres
  •        Truck and bus tyres

Car Tyres

You can classify these tyres under light vehicles such as crossovers, sedans, coupe and high-performance cars. While you can find different season categories under these tyres, you won’t find any terrain type because these cars are only meant to be driven on highways and roads.

Let’s discuss the different season tyres:

  •        All-season tyres: these tyres can be driven under all seasons including summer and winter
  •        Summer tyres: summer tyres are designed for hot weather condition. Performing well in water and wet conditions, these can resist hydroplaning. These also feature high-speed rating.
  •        Winter tyres: These tyres are designed for harsh winter conditions. The deep tread and large groove gaps on the tyre channel snow out of the way and maintain perfect traction on both snow and ice.

While all-season tyres are the most common and popular type of tyre, you will find different tyres for different cars, especially for luxurious sedans and high-performance cars such as ultra-high-performance tyres.

SUV Tyres

You can find a large variety of SUV tyres because SUVs can be driven on different terrains. For instance, you may want to go on an off-road adventure, you will need an off-road tyre. Moreover, SUVs are heavier and can endure a lot of weight when compared to other cars.

Different types of SUV tyres are:

Mud Tyres

Mud tyres feature a deep tread with large voids between the grooves. These are designed in a way that they can channel the water and mud out of the way and maintain traction on various terrains including mud, sand, gravel and rocks.

Highway Tyres

Highway tyres are designed for SUVs which don’t experience any rough terrain driving. Offering a superior level of comfort and optimal level of traction on well-paved surfaces — highway tyres provide smooth rides with great fuel-efficiency. These also offer a long tread life.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres are made to maintain traction on any type of surface, from the road to mud. While these are versatile enough to perform under various conditions, you cannot expect them to be as strong as off-road/mud tyres on rough terrains.

So, if you own a 4x4, there is nothing better than mud tyres for your vehicle.

Light Truck Tyres

Light truck tyres are designed for heavy vehicles, both commercial and non-commercial. Light trucks include minivans, pick-up trucks and even, truck-like SUVs.

Offering excellent traction on both road and off-road — light truck tyres are designed to endure heavyweight and tough conditions. Focusing on durability and reliability — manufacturers engineer LT tyres to withstand an array of conditions and different weathers.

These can maintain traction on slippery, loose, dry and other surfaces.

Truck Tyres

Truck tyres are created for heavy commercial trucks and busses. Designed to deliver high-mileage and all-weather traction — truck tyres suit different axle positions and various road conditions.

Trucks and busses endure massive loads of cargo and passenger. These also go through different terrains such as roads filled with rocks and sharp objects, so the tread has to be robust and aggressive that won’t lose its strength under such circumstances.

Commercial truck tyres are designed to suit a variety of driving needs — from driving on different terrains to performing in an array of seasons.

Falken RI151 is one of the best truck tyres for regional use. Providing high-mileage, these offer stable and sturdy rides. These also feature wide outside shoulder ribs which help the tyre resist against irregular wear.

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