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Health Friday, June 5, 2020 Comments (0)

Don’t be Fooled by 5 Common Myth About Safety Glasses

While protective specs are different from prescription glasses. And they perform an excellent duty for eye protection against all threats. But they cannot shield your eyes from all kinds of safety hazards.

For example, Safety Eyewear cannot protect your eyes from the potential risk of liquid splashes. For this reason, you should go with the safety goggles. A flying projectile with enough mass can pierce into your protective eyewear and can damage your eyes.

So, keep in mind that safety eyewear cannot shield your eyes from all routine hazards. Moreover, some need a face shield where fast mass speed can happen.

For instance, you are working with power tools, you need extra protection more than safety eyewear. For excellent performance on the job place, grab all protective gear that OSHA recommends.

Regular Eyewear Can Work in the Place of Safety Specs:

Your traditional eyewear is merely an ordinary pair of eyewear, even if you have removable side shields with them. They cannot provide a supreme level of protection against any hazard. For excellent protection, you need Prescription Glasses that should meet the safety standards.

 Because they are made for immense safety. Moreover, they should have the mark of Z87.1 on one side of the eyewear lens. By wearing street eyeglasses in the workplace, they could meet severe eye injury or you might lose your vision.

Shaded Lenses Are Enough to Protect Against UV Rays:

Most of the lens shades are for increasing visibility but not for UV safety. Indeed, Beach Sunny Wear can become more harmful than without having sunglasses. The reason behind this factor is, they cause to dilate the pupil and allow more harmful sunlight into it.

Luckily, polycarbonate material uses at a major level because they have the potential to block 99.9% UV radiation. Continuous exposure of UV rays into your eyes may lead to serious diseases like cataract and macular degeneration.

So, if protective eyewear has polycarbonate lenses, they are enough to protect against UV lights.

Safety Eyewear Can Damage Your Vision:

Another big myth that motivates many people not to wear safety glasses is that they can damage vision. But the fact is converse of it because they are no threat to your eyesight. Besides, they can lead some other issues like eye fatigue and headache because of discomfort or problem in adjusting.

But it doesn’t mean that they lead to poor eyesight. All symptoms can appear in the case of wrong prescription lenses or wrong fitting. So, don’t discourage yourself from wearing eyewear because there are many solutions for the elimination of all issues. For this reason, a safe solution is to visit an optometrist and ask about issues.

Safety Glasses Merely Require at the Workplace not Elsewhere:

Most people consider safety glasses for a specific place that is their workplace. They consider safety needs in their hazards job place and not elsewhere. But it is completely wrong. According to some statistics that 50% of eye injuries related to household items at home.

So, 78% of people get injured because of not wearing eyewear at injury time. People don’t consider hazards when they perform any work at home even while they are playing with hazards things.

For example, you are working in a kitchen, you need to wear safety glasses because hot cooking stuff can suddenly enter into your eyes. Or you are working on your favorite lawn while working some fine particles or flies can cause eye injury.

So, make sure about the importance of safety glasses for preventing eye injuries at home. Moreover, you can reduce eye injuries dramatically by wearing protective specs all time when you are working. It doesn’t matter where you are working, but you need safety concerns.

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