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Everything About 10x Content

How much effort you do to stand out in the jam-packed content space? Tough competition has increased the demand for good content writers. Although to create quality content is not hard for anyone because everyone is trying to get to that level.


But quality content is not enough for today's world. So, how are you making a difference yourself in the competition? Well, the answer is hidden in 10X content which is a term that was introduced by Rand Fishkin of Moz. According to Fishkin, 10X content means to find something better than you can get on search.

People have a concept that with the help of good content, they can stand in the Google first page rank. Unluckily, now it doesn’t happen. Everyone knows that high ranking can access due to essential factors. And that is good content, and links are connected to it.

Although the first criteria can fulfill through 10X content and it has the power to achieve good authoritative links. So, if you want to stand out in the competition, your blogs, and articles should be ten times better as compared to anything else.


Idea of 10X Content:


Suppose you have to target the keyword “best online prescription glasses”. What would you do? Of course, you would search the pages that have got the first three positions and check their information. Fine ask yourself how can you produce 10X better content if they have written all kinds of stuff in their articles.

What is up to date, more explanation, through research, and even more videos? If your answer is positive, go ahead, and target that keyword with a detailed search. In case of a negative answer, it would be better for you to target with a different keyword.

So, average producing content is not your demand because you may require to produce 10X content with useful information that is not available on any page. Sometimes, your competitors have produced high-quality content in their articles with all related detailed information, and the user gets it useful.

Therefore, there is nothing to produce a piece of content that is lying in the repeating category. It is useless. The idea of 10X content would work where there is room for good content. And perhaps other sites are not fulfilling this position because they have poor written quality.

Or they have written, but it is not updated even from five years. So, you have an opportunity to create a nice piece of writing that can easily defeat your competitors.


Essential Factors for 10X:


However, approximately 86% of marketers are making content a regular part of marketing tactics. And surprisingly, only a few can taste the actual success of these strategies. This is because content has a major role in such kind of success. Basically, writing doesn’t mean just fill the white page with black words.

It means the best quality content with a clear explanation. Besides, it should demonstrate the targeted keywords in an approach that can easily grip anyone's attention. And good content is more than words because other factors like backlinks, format, and page loading speed are the main factors to make successful content.


So, are you ready to produce quality content and it should be 10 times better than the present. Therefore, follow these important factors.


A Positive User Experience:


Although, user experience is the essential ranking factor in the Google ranking. Websites that have a high-speed page loading and no more annoying ads that can hide most parts of the article can easily rank up. Below here are few tips to help to boost up the user experience.

The high loading time of the site and should take only 2 to 3 seconds otherwise above this time, users will leave the site. Besides, it can increase the bounce rate.


  • Use the white space of the page wisely. Enhancing the visual element, the page should have extra text-free or from anything else. So that users can easily view the essential part of content.
  • Plenty of margins with a short line and extra space between lines
  • Short paragraph and there should be space break between every paragraph
  • Make a content structure in number list or bulleted if possible
  • All videos and images have been fast downloaded. Images can explanatory features with alt text, and videos should have a transcript.


Articles must have a noticeable search field so that users can access you easily. It is not a good impression for your site that users read the required information from the post and leave the page. So, the link to the next post should be visible at the bottom of the content so that visitors can click that link it is relevant to their search.

No broken links in the content because it will lose the user's interest. The majority of sentences and paragraphs should be short. The font should be simple and easy to read and use bullet points for listing more elements. Cut out unwanted components.


High-Quality Content:


Accessing 10X content, you need a piece of content that should be trustworthy, interesting, high-quality, and useful. All these things would prove with good researchable content, high links, and good readability with a great taste of humor.


Bellow here are few tips to enhance the quality of content:

  • Content should be free from grammatical errors or spelling.
  • Make your content trustworthy, and written facts, statistics, quotes, and numbers should get from reliable sources.
  • Content should be the mixing of helpful and interesting. So that it can fulfill the demand of visitors who have landed on your page just to find something new and unique.



Although chances are low to write something new with the latest research but somehow try to access the original content. Besides, it should be plagiarism-free. Avoid including those factors that are not relevant to your selected source just because of getting the touch of 10X content. It means to put those facts in your content that is exceptional and comes from fresh research.


Don’t add too many ads particularly when you are covering actual content because this is the fastest way to get a high bounce rate.

  •  Avoid using the link of spammy or poor-quality sites in your content.
  •  Keep remembering you are writing for the interest of your users.


A Unique Approach for Backlinks:


Links no doubt are the significant thing in the algorithm of search engines since the start of Google. But with the increasing rate of black hat SEO to boost up the page rank to buying links through spamming sites, Google has created more distinguished between earned and spam links.

Guest blogging, for example, is used for the objective of SEO, and many sites are working over it. But super written content is the significant point to get backlinks for boosting the rank of a site. Although producing excellent content will automatically help to get good backlinks.

You have to give more success among your competitors organically. This is because when people consider your content trustworthy, they can provide you a good source of backlinks.


Pull Great Control of Content Marketing:


Content marketing is good practice to give quality content to your users on your website to attract more customers. Despite blogging, content marketing is calculated with certain goals for whatever you produce. So, to engage more people towards your site, you need to spend several hours producing high-quality content. When visitors produce super-quality content, they would love to share it with others.


Below here are few strategies to enhance the strategy of content marketing.


Share outstanding content throughout social media, and that is one of the famous distribution ways. Earned more audience for your brand through content is a bit hard. Therefore, make it more engaging and share your infographics, videos, and posts.

Get backlinks in your content through email signature because it will enhance your marketing effort. But the need for excellent content is not going in any way. And 10X content support to marketers for enhancing the ranking and attract a sincerer audience.


Why “Great” Content Is Not Sufficient?


Content is overloaded, and therefore, great content cannot fulfill the thirst of users who have a great source of knowledge. This is because we are in a digital age, and there is no hidden from the internet world. Although the concept of such content may have scary look for SEO, and content marketers.

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