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Fashion Thursday, June 4, 2020 Comments (0)

5 Important Hacks for Buying Beach Sunny Wear

Beach trip is ready and you are looking for beach sunglasses because of hot and dry months weather. You are searching a piece of shades like Wiley X Hayden that could protect eyes from the bright sun.

 Besides, you need sunglasses that could boost your overall look. So, selection a fabulous pair of eyewear is on your top list. It’s no wonder why you need a pair of shades that could elevate your overall appearance among your peers.

 The trick to choosing the right one for you is a primary key, and it must have a combination of safety function and style. If you are nervous about getting a good pair of od sunglasses, you should check out these simple hacks that will change your overall personality.

 Moreover, these handy tips are guaranteed for making a look, when you will hit a beach. Here are a few easy hacks to keep in mind before buying sunglasses for you.

Pick Bright Shades:

It’s a better time to adventure with some bright colors when you are planning to lounge on the beach in this hot summer months. Keep in mind that there is no shortage of bright color sunglasses and mirror shades for a beach like Wiley X Hayden.

 So, this is a fantastic way to add pop shades for your beach look. Neutral colors like pink are the favorite shade of women. But if you want to make your bolder look, pick a bright color frame that completes the beach costume.

Oversize Lenses:

For covering a large face area on the beach, go with the pair of large lenses. So that not only prevent peepers from UV rays but to protect its surrounding skin as well. UV rays can pass from the upper part or the side of the sunglasses.

 Therefore, optometrist suggests people wear big size lenses in the hot summer months. Oversize lenses don’t allow light from the side of the sunglasses. A plus point of the oversized frame is that they are trendy and always in any style.

Big shaded lenses are spotted to the celebrities. So, this is a time to grab a piece of big lenses and make a starry look on the beach.

Polarized Lenses:

For eliminating glare, Order Prescription Sunglasses are the best choice because it produces in the water or sand. So, if you are planning for the beach, polarized sunglasses are an excellent choice for enhancing color contrast and providing clear vision.

Besides, polarized sunglasses come in stylish feature lenses and make anyone a fashionable model. Sand and water always reflect sunlight that becomes the cause of risky glare. So, add a dashing look with the polarized lenses.

Comfortable Nose Pads:

Nose pads are for comforting and the plus point of having them that they allow to pass air and make you fresh. In the hot season, shades can bring sweat on your face, but separate nose pads allow air to pass through and keep your face sweat-free. Besides, the bridge of sunglasses leaves a mark on face after a long-wearing, but nose pads leave no marks.

The Option of Folding Sunglasses:

Folding sunglasses are portable and because of this reason, they have got an instant hit. You can adjust them in a little place and keep more space free. So, it has become an ideal accessory to bring on the beach because of adjusting to the tiniest place.

After folding, you can store them safely and get certain advantages rather than a fixed frame. Moreover, you can store them in your pocket when you are lounging the beach.

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