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Vermont Town Meeting Day

An Vermont Town Meeting Day is a kind of town or city government in which all eligible citizens of the town get a chance to gather on a required day. After assembling the selected day, they can debate a lot and vote as per policy results. Usually, a town meeting happens every year, but they can call any time for a special meeting.

An official board or a supervisor is selected to choose lawmaking policies established by the public. Citizens have the right to speak about any doubt, advantages, and disadvantages of the policy. Besides, they have an option to participate directly in the acceptance of taxes, budgets, ordinances, and many more matters regarding legislation.

Thus the town meeting is the crucial form out of five in the USA for the town government. Other important forms are council-manager, mayor-council, representative town, and city commission meeting. An establishment of government for a municipality and power distribution is resolute through state law or local ordinance. Well, town meetings generally occur in the town of New England. According to a few surveys, around 6 percent of municipalities follow open town meetings to make the government.

So, town meeting is the original face of democracy because all citizens assemble on a specific day. And then they discuss and plan what kind of matters are affecting their lives and their society. Most members of this meeting are scared that the invention of modern societies and the increasing rate of the population are threatening this meeting. Thus the season of VermontTown Meeting Day 2022 relate to England community, and it is crucial to refresh this classy style of meeting. The town meeting has a significant role in the making legislative of country.

Some authors decided to write over it. But unluckily in the last decade, only two authentic books have been written on this topic. Through these publications, you can get the material to know about the history of town meetings.

History of Vermont Town Meeting Day:

A town meeting is an activity in which people of different groups gather at one location to make different policies and decisions. The trace of this meeting was found in the 1630s and its roots meet in the new settlement of England. At that time, all citizens assemble at a decided place and then discuss all issues. In the meeting, they made a plan that could affect their community. Previous facts showed that it was a serious meeting in which attendance of every citizen is mandatory. Even it was too significant that people had to pay fine if they didn’t attend a meeting.


In early history, an open town meeting was established in 1623. However, there could be doubt in the date of the town meeting was discussed jointly through settlers. Early trace of open meeting is recorded in around 1635. There is also mention of how they manage their settlements. For example, no house could be built more than one-and-a-half-mile away from the location of the Vermont town meeting.

New plantations were not allowed without court permission. The land around the meeting location was divided equally among all settlers. Every citizen was strictly followed to make a fence around his fields. Besides, there was some penalty like three shilling in case of not fencing around their fields.

If settlements became larger with the involvement of the formal government, there were the option of few meetings. Even some records also showed about previous days, town citizens gathered at one place for regular meetings. Gradually those meetings were shifted monthly basis or arranged according to schedule. After all, in 1634, monthly meetings were standard, and that was led to annual meetings in 1663.

Shortly the Town Meeting Day got more empowered through their establishment, and even it was becoming a threat for Britain. Gradually, these meetings became the cause of the American revolution. And even it was followed for a century or more than this time. Several eminent scholars and writers of that day said that town meeting became the best government of America. Even Henry David Thoreau called it a true congress to assemble citizens at one place in the USA.

While New England was practicing their formal government for many centuries. Thus town meeting was shaking for national rights. No doubt, the media had the biggest role in understanding the town meeting. They told its impact bringing understanding and awareness among American citizens. All digital courses of news like radio, Television, Magazines, newspapers, and even the internet played a significant role in the explanation of open town meetings in the country.

Is it Announced a Public Holiday for the Vermont Town Meeting Day?

Town meeting day of Vermont allows the citizens of the state to speak about issues and policies in the public gathering. Thus, this is the anniversary of the admittance of Vermont in 1971. A public holiday was declared in Vermont thus general population, schools, and many businesses sectors remained closed.

Purpose of Vermont Town Meeting Day:

Open town meeting is a special day for all citizens around 40 towns of Vermont in the USA. Every citizen has the right to speak about business and other issues related to the town. They are welcome to discuss openly all with the best solutions. Besides, they chose one person officially, showed acceptance for the budget for a year, and promoted local businesses.

Generally, a town meeting is the best practice of true democracy in which every citizen is allowed to take participate in this meeting. Furthermore, they are also allowed to speak openly on specific problems announced. Thus, the town meeting declares its time and location to be held. They should talk about listed current issues and vote in the meeting. And the warning is posted thirty days before the day of the meeting. So, the main objective of the town meeting is to choose a municipal person, accept an annual budget, and analyze business issues.



Open town meeting is an old government around 200 years. And it is the purest form of democracy for the process of best decision-making. This is the pure form of democratic government because every citizen has the right to debate, face-to-face meetings, decide, and speak about existing issues affecting society.

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