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When is Texas Independence Day?

Texas Independence Day is a celebration of the acceptance of the independence for Texas state when it was declared. It is a legal holiday for Texas celebrated every year in the USA. The celebration date is 2nd March which is also the mark of Sam Houston and Texas Flag Day. Therefore, it is special compliance than just a legal off day. Thus the public of Texas gets a holiday in this state. Besides, the general population also gets off day from business and schools.

What Public do on Texas Independence Day?

However, this independence day is celebrated in different towns and cities in the entire state. Besides, this day is held through different festivals like band music, kid activities, and a few other activities regarding the day. Some other acts regarding independence day are story-telling assembling. Through these sessions, it is told about how Texas people got freedom from Mexico. And how became a republic state in the nineteenth century.

Some workers of states have an option to select holiday on the independence day of Texas. Therefore, is a partial day off for some states. Many schools remain open for some activities and lessons regarding Texas independence day. However, all movements and lessons are related to the observance of independence day.

Thus Texas Independence Day is a partial holiday for the state public. But staff workers have the option to choose this day as a holiday or casual working day. Besides, if any worker keeps on that independence day, he can get off for the next day. But those workers cannot get a holiday if the festival day is chosen on weekend mean Saturday and Sunday. Most people travel to those places where are large-scale celebrations and festivals are held. Besides, the relevant establishment regarding parking and traffic placement in these areas.

Background of Texas Independence Day:

Texas is the 2nd largest state in the USA, not by size but the population. Therefore, it is a significant part of the United State. Surprisingly, it has a complicated history with the different ranking positions. Largely, almost six nations were getting rule over certain zones of Texas.

At the beginning of the 16th century, Spanish travelers plotted the coastline of Texas. Besides, supposedly they claim Spain's land, but they didn’t establish this area. At the end of the 17th century, France also appealed for this area and set up Fort St. Louis around 1685. This revived the interest of Spain in this zone, and territory was got back this area from France.

In 1821, Mexico increased its freedom from Spain and declared Texas state is a part of its region. At the same time, Mexico felt some threat from its border side as the nation of Comanche. They became frustrated from this threat; they hold up American travelers to inhibit Texas. Fuller Austin, an American citizen set up a camp in Texas. He exceeded approximately 300 families, and even settlers increased rapidly. But very soon, they started to have several differences with the government of Mexicans.

After all, a new constitution of Mexico was joined with Coahuila and Texas making the province of these states. However, it was the lead offense with migrants who supposed themselves as a Texian citizen as compared to Mexican.

However, the Texians claimed for different changes with the idea that Texas would be an isolated authority of Mexico. While traveling to Mexico City, Stephen was captured and then imprisoned. The unhappiness was finally sparked in Texas due to the Texas revolution. In 1835, the Texians got a victory in the battle with Gonzales in the October of the same year. Finally, in 1836 of the 2nd March, Texans announced their freedom from the Mexican state and made the state of Texas. Besides, in one battle with Alamo, Texians seized 4000 Mexican forces around 13 days before killing them on 6th March 1836.

After all, in 1836 of 21st April, General Sam Houston run Texans and defeated many Mexicans in the fight with San Jacinto. After this fight, the Texicans caught the president of Mexicans and insisted he sign an agreement. According to that treaty, the Mexican government should announce the independent state of Mexicans. Sam Houston was selected as president for Texas state in 1836. The city of Houston was called after his name before Texas.

However, Texas was announced as an independent state but always got a threat for the attack of Mexico. After all, Sam Houston tried their best to convince the leader of Texians to join the USA. It was the perfect option for both states. Finally, in 1845 of 29th December, Texas got acknowledged Texas as the 28th state of the United State.

But in 1861, Houston refused to promise the oat to show loyalty with Union. After all, he was dismissed from the position of Governor of Texas and separated from the Texas government in 1861. Sam Houston passed in 1836, but he couldn’t see the independence of Texas.


Symbols for Texas Independence Day:

The Lone Star flag was the official flag of the Texas state on 24th January of 1839. The flag contains a rectangle shape from length to width with a ratio of two to three presenting.

A blue strip in vertical length contains one-third of the whole length of the flag. Two equal strips in a horizontal way in which the upper strip is white and the lower one is red. Thus all these two strips are the complete length of the flag length.

There is five corner star in the mid of the blue belt in which one pointed face of the star is upward. The start is pointed in the three-fourths of the total length of the blue band of the flag.

There are several symbols for its flag like North Mockingbird or state bird and Bluebonnet or state flower etc. Besides, the historic sites of the Texas state are Casa Navarro belong to San Antonio of Texas. Another dominant site is San Monument belongs to La Porte of Texas. This historic state was constructed in the same place as the battleground when Texas got liberty from Mexico. These mentioned things are only a few from several historic sites and symbols of Texas.


So, Texas Independence Day is the festival for the declaration of Texas as an independent state on 2nd March of 1836. This agreement was signed up with 59 representatives, colonizers in Mexican. They officially announced Texas as an independent state and named it the Republic of Texas.

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