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Technology Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Comments (0)

How Artificial Intelligence Works?

In simpler terms, AI enables machines to mimic human behavior with training & experience. The latter is able to perform tasks with increased efficiency & accuracy. AI is everywhere around us. You can witness it in games, retail stores, websites & whatnot. In this regard, data is essential. AI powers itself with the help of data, which is ubiquitous. There’s no doubt that data is ‘king’ that helps businesses gain a competitive advantage. But how does AI work? Let’s find out.


The Evolution of AI

The concept of AI first came into being in the 1960s. Alan Turing developed a program called ‘Turochamp’ but was too complex to run on machines at that time. It was the first time any game was able to incorporate machine learning by adapting to the user’s input.


Years later, we are starting to see how powerful AI can be, although quite sinister in sci-fi movies. Still, AI will definitely help humans in a way machines have never done before. Examples are all around us. Self-driving trucks, Personalized ads, Robots & other AI-powered machines are real instances.


Uses Data For Automation

AI relies on data to learn & predict the outcome of a given situation. Yet, it is different from traditional software programs. With the help of large data sets, AI is able to train itself in an efficient manner. This results in a machine being able to make real-time decisions with no human input. An initial program is mandatory to kickstart the process.


AI Equals ‘Awareness’

AI adds intelligence or the machine’s ability to make decisions on its own. For example, it’s not uncommon to witness online ads that are relevant to your interest. When shopping for sunglasses as Wiley X Valor, one startsseeing ads of glasses. This isn’t a coincidence by any means. AI uses your browsing history to show you ads that are most likely to generate a click. As AI becomes more prevalent, there would be less need for human supervision for machines.


Learning Algorithms

Building intelligence in machines is complex. This requires using algorithms that allow computers to learn on the go. There’s no human supervision required. A machine can teach itself to predict the stock market like humans. Algorithms help ‘model’ for a specific problem which helps solve it in a progressive way. Artificial Intelligence techniques allow computers to adapt to problems if they don’t get the solution right the first time. Major search engines already use these techniques to return accurate results.


Zero Human Error

It’s quite early to say that machines will overtake human tasks because of their accuracy. There’s no doubt in the fact that machines are the best servants. Even better, they would serve us even better when trained as ‘intelligent servants’. Human error is a constant phenomenon that companies would try to weed out. AI will definitely be a major factor in how major companies handle their operations. Cost-cutting & human error avoidance would be driving reasons for corporates to pursue AI.

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