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Health Tuesday, September 8, 2020 Comments (0)

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Almost everyone is using Invisalign in London, and this is because the brackets are clear and they can be taken out for mealtimes. Still, many do not know about the importance of Invisalign.

In our dental practice, we have many patients who come in with the question "how long will it take to complete my treatment with Invisalign?" This answer, however, is not so easy.  On the average Invisalign treatment, take about 12 to 18 months to be complete.

Your duration depends on the severity of your case. Mild cases can be treated within 6 months. Crowded teeth and more complex cases can take as long as 24 months or maybe a bit shorter to be resolved.

Some very severe cases, however, cannot be treated with Invisalign. So, the orthodontist, in this case, may recommend the use of traditional braces or combine Invisalign with any other orthodontic treatment for you.

Invisalign handles every patient according to his or her condition, so there is no same treatment plan for two people.

Why Is There So Much Difference in The Duration of Treatment with Invisalign?

Dental problems differ from one person to the other so the orthodontist will choose specific requirements for every treatment.  He will determine how long your treatment will last. These requirements include:

  1. The number of teeth that need to be moved to a new position
  2. The distance between the current position of the teeth and the desired position. The farther the distance, the longer the treatment.
  3. The complexity of a case: more complex cases will take a longer time to complete than the less complex ones
  4. The ability of the patient to wear the braces for up to 22 hours every day. Patients who cannot keep up to this target will have to spend a longer period for the treatment.  This will make your treatment less effective.

During your first consultation, you will know how long the treatment will take. Your orthodontist will develop a treatment plan. This plan will include your estimated treatment time, type of treatment and the cost for the Invisalign.

If you stick to wearing your braces as directed by the orthodontist, your treatment time will not be so different from the estimated time by the orthodontist.

How Long does it Take to Close Gaps Between Teeth?

In our dental practice, we use Invisalign to treat gappy teeth. However, there is a limitation to what we can do. For teeth with gaps between 6 mm, Invisalign will use up to 24 months to treat.

However, if your gaps are smaller, you may require a lesser time to finish your treatment. Also, if your gaps are more significant than 6 mm, we will not use Invisalign for you.

How Long Does Invisalign Use to Treat Crowded Teeth?

Most cases of crowded teeth take between 6 to 12 months to be complete. If your case is severe, it will take a longer time.

Invisalign, however, cannot be used to treat very severe cases of crowded teeth. The orthodontist will provide the best treatment for you. He will determine what to use and may choose Invisalign. Also, there may be cases where he decides not to use Invisalign at all.

Is The Duration for Treatment Longer When Invisalign Is Used for Adults?

We have many adult patients asking us "how long will Invisalign treatment go for me?" They are anxious to know if there is a difference between the duration of teens and adults.

There is no difference between the timing. Everyone's mouth is different, so the teeth may move faster for some people and slower for the rest. Age is not necessary when determining the time for treatment here.

The Recommended Time for Wearing Invisalign Daily

The idea of removing your Invisalign braces is excellent.  However, this means you should only remove your retainers when you want to eat and brush your teeth or drink.

Before choosing Invisalign, you should ask yourself "can I be disciplined enough to handle this treatment?" If you doubt your ability to comply, talk to your orthodontist about another option.

Other Things You Should Know

Invisalign is great. It can't be seen except the person is standing close to you. In photos, you can smile as though you are wearing nothing. It is better than traditional braces because you are not limited to what you can eat.

With traditional braces, you cannot eat hard, sticky, or chewy foods because they will break the wires. However, with Invisalign, you can remove your braces and eat whatever you want.

The only thing that relates these two braces is the fact that you need to brush after eating. This will help you avoid tooth decay that occurs when food particles stay in your mouth for long.

When considering Invisalign, you should meet with your orthodontist. He will give you a personalized plan, and tell you all you need to know. Contact us at the London braces clinic for a no-obligation appointment to learn about our Invisalign offer. Do call 020 37457520 now.

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