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Health Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Comments (0)

How long Lip Fillers are Meant to Last?

Having full and plump lips is in craze at present and celebrities want to attain the classic look with those temporary fillers. Do you want to improve your smile and wondering how long will lip fillers last?

Well, the fact is that lip fillers are not the same for everyone and it will depend on the metabolism rate as well as the kind of enhancement you get. Let us discuss how long the fillers will last, what impacts they have on their longevity, and other questions related to the procedure.

There Are Four Stages of Lip Augmentation and These Are:

  • Consultation –You and your surgeon will discuss how much volume should be added and what kind of procedure is the best.
  • Procedure –Both the injections and surgical augmentation are quicker and involve minimal pain than other cosmetic improvements.
  • Recovery –Injections will be normal within a day while the surgery requires some months to heal completely.
  • Enjoyment –After you get healed, it is the right time to try on new lipstick shades. The length of the final stage depends on the kind of procedure you have had.

Different Kinds of Lip Fillers

Injections – These fillers usually last for 6 months to one year at the most. Mostly, tyres Juvederm and Restylane are used that are a good option for restoring the volume of your lips quickly. They are made of synthetically-derived hyaluronic acid that can attract moisture to make your lips look complete.

Your body naturally metabolizes the hyaluronic acid and the injection fillers will fade slowly over time for most people. You need to fix regular appointments for maintaining your new and attractive pout.

Surgical – Surgical fillers are meant to last for a lifetime. The surgical lip augmentation method is minimally invasive and has an easy recovery period. Surgery is more intensive when compared to the injections, but when done by a plastic surgeon, it adds natural-looking plumpness that will last all your life.

Surgical lip augmentation is a great choice in case you have had injections before and you are all set for the permanent change. It can be done with your own fat or by repositioning the margin of your lip surgically. Your surgeon will suggest what type is best for you based on the desired results you want to achieve.

Post-Procedure Recovery and Maintenance

After getting lip fillers in London, your lips will appear tender, swollen, Look More Attractive, and somewhat bruised. You should allow them to be treated properly as this will make them appear the best for a long time. Below are some tips to recover your lips properly:

  1. Do not use straws immediately while drinking after an injection
  2. Avoid massaging or tugging your lips
  3. Do not sleep on your face
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before or after the procedure

After an injection is given, you will feel normal only after one or two days. In case you have had surgical augmentation, it might require almost three months for normal sensation to return back. Your surgeon will give advice on the recovery period too.

Once the injections get healed, you will be able to get back to your normal life. This will let you to talk, laugh, kiss, sip and use your lips like before. Make sure you are careful with the facial massages as extreme stimulation in those areas might speed up the breakdown of hyaluronic acid.

Some FAQ’s On Lip Fillers

How Quickly Will Lip Fillers Work?

You can see your lips plumping within a few minutes of an injection or right after the surgery. As swelling has become most prominent after an injection, Sunny Wear, your lips might appear “over-plumped” at first but this will go away soon and you can see the final result within a week to a month.

Will Your Lips Appear Stretched Out or Saggy after the Injections Wear Off?

No, you do not have to worry about having a “deflated” look as the hyaluronic acid fades away. The skin on your lips and mouth will get back to normal appearance without any stretching or sagging. This change will take place slowly as you do not have to wake up one morning to find you have lost volume, all of a sudden. As the filler fades away, your lips might appear somewhat aged as the normal aging process still persists.

Is It Possible for You to Make Lip Fillers Last Longer?

Regretfully, it is not possible to make lip fillers last longer after you receive them. As everyone has a different body, so everyone will metabolize injections differently. It is quite impossible to know how quickly your body will respond. Some people will find their lips get back to normal after a few months only while others won’t require another injection for more than a year. Thus, Expensive Watch, your surgeon will give advice on the best option in case you do not feel satisfied with the results.

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