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Health Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Comments (0)

How to Detox at Home without drugs?

Continuous use of sedative prescription and illicit drugs leads to drug addiction. Commonly abused prescription drugs are opioids which are used as painkillers to manage severe pain after accident, surgery and in cancer patients. Alcohol is legal but has strong addiction potential. Heroin & lately Fentanyl is the most frequently used illicit drug.


Your brain gets accustomed to working in the presence of these drugs. All of these drugs have variable effects on your Central Nervous System (CNS). Some of them are excitatory while others depress normal functions of CNS. CNS stops working in the absence of these drugs once you get addicted to them.


When you try to quit drug abuse suddenly, certain uncomfortable symptoms are encountered. These are called withdrawal symptoms. To manage these symptoms and make them bearable, detoxification process is performed. In this process, drug and its harmful metabolites are eliminated from your body.


A guided detox should be performed in the hospital under expert supervision. However, a safe home detox can also be carried out under the supervision of addiction doctors and nurses using telemedicine and 24-hour online presence of addiction treatment team in case patient’s symptoms change or especially worsen. One of best known at home detox service, Unique Health makes a point providing this modern-day home detox which is considered to be safe and a good alternative to hospital-based inpatient Health.


Home Detox:

A home detox without using any medicines is called natural detox. Different behavioural therapies such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and herbal remedies help in this regard. Massage can also help you relax while going through withdrawal symptoms. Unique Health provides a completely supervised detox at home with or without using any medicines.


Tapering off phenomenon is used in home detox. Usual quantity of drug intake is gradually decreasing. Your brain trains itself to work in the presence of less drug and ultimately you are not addicted anymore. It reduces the feeling of being sick and uncomfortable. However, it is difficult to restrain from drug abuse when it is available. and triggers are always known to happen. Utmost self-control is needed to make the taper off phenomenon work.


Drug Addiction Treatment Centre Lowell, MA:

Unique Health is a drug addiction treatment centre in Lowell, MA. It is fully equipped with all the necessities of drug addiction treatment. Unique Health provides experienced and well-trained staff always to serve patients suffering from addiction. Remember! It is never too late. Join hands with us to live a sober life. Contact Unique Health to book an appointment.

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