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Lifestyle Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Comments (0)

How to get a Laser Skin Tightening Treatment in Lowell, MA?

As you grow in age, your skin loses its collagen and elastin content which gives it a plump and firm look. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines appear, and the skin looks loose and saggy. It is a sign of aging which is an irreversible process.


You cannot stop aging, but you can only make your skin look better. A number of skin tightening procedures have been known for a while, including facelift and eyelid surgeries. No doubt these give the best and fastest results but they are surgical treatments with possible complications of general anesthesia and surgery and have a long downtime.


Also, scar marks can be a problem. However, most people prefer laser skin tightening as it is a non-invasive procedure & has minimal to no down time. It also gives satisfactory results.


Laser Skin Tightening Procedure:

The procedure is started by applying a topical numbing cream or lotion a few minutes prior to the procedure to prevent any possible discomfort from laser or radiofrequency energy. It is not really painful.


Some people even enjoy the warming effect. A laser beam is focused on your skin. This light passes into the deeper layer of your skin leaving the superficial layer of skin undisturbed. The light energy boosts collagen and elastin production and causes the skin to contract. It makes the skin look tighter and healthier.


A prominent change is visible after sometime, making it a popular technique with almost no downtime. Most of the times patients can see immediate improvement but full results are obvious after a few months. 2 to 3 sessions are usually needed almost one month apart. It has another advantage in comparison to invasive procedures, that is it can be used all over your body with only minimal discomfort.


Skin Tightening Centre Lowell, MA:

We at Boston Vein Care in Lowell use laser and other methods to make your loose skin look tighter and healthier. A complete range of skin care treatments are provided at our facility. Both cosmetic surgeries and non-invasive skin care procedures are carried out here.


Since we provide various treatments, we can recommend the best option for you in accordance with your wishes and budget. We make you look younger and beautiful again. Contact us to book an appointment with us to get your youthful appearance back.

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