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Lifestyle Thursday, May 7, 2020 Comments (0)

How to Handle Sunglasses When You are not Wearing Them Anymore?

Why you shouldn’t place your sunglasses on your head?

Do you wear sunglasses?

If yes, how do you place them when they are not in your use. Well, there are several ways to handle Wiley X Rogue sunglasses at different places.

For example, if you are at home, you will keep them away at any safe place. On the other hand, if you are in the car, you can keep them in the case as well.

But if you are outside, and you find no place to put them. What will you do? There is no suitable way or place where you should put them. Most people store them in the closest place, but it is not convenient and safe.

Because when you need to wear them, you don’t have with you. Some people keep them in the hand, and when they walk through buildings shade take off their sunglasses.

But as they come out of the shades, they put them on. This is beneficial because they can shield their eyes when they need it. Moreover, there are few helpful tips to handle the sunglasses when they are not in use.

Place Sunglasses on Head:

This is probably the common technique to handle sunglasses when they are not in your use. Placing them on the head is the most natural way that most people go with this technique. If you are also one of them, you must aware of some potential hazards by doing this technique.

  • Head Shapes Effect The Sunglasses: Every person has different head shapes, and if you hang in the head, the skull size will stretch the sunglasses. So, that thing will affect the size of your sunglasses, and you might get a loose grip on your head. On the other hand, the loose grip will fall sunglasses as you will look down while performing any task.
  • Hair Chemicals Can Damage Your Wiley X Rogue Sunglasses: For example, you use any hair spray or any hair gel on your hairs to keep them in order, it is dangerous for sunglasses. The chemical that uses in the spray and gel can be the cause of scratches and other wear tear issues.
  • Hair Can Be Caught in The Sunglasses Frame: To catch in the hair is truly depends on the certain Safety Eyewear style. For example, aviator shape sunglasses have nose pads, and when you will remove them from your head, they will be caught in the hair. Not only it is painful, but it can bend the shape of sunglasses.

Things That You Can Do:

  • Hold Your Sunglasses On The Shirt: This is a useful way to handle your sunglasses to hook on your shirt despite hanging on your head. Moreover, you can simply put them on when you need to use them. This way of handling gives you a stylish look to both men and women. But it is not suitable if you are taking part in some physical activity. If you have a shirt that has some buttons, that will increase the security of your sunglasses.
  • Using a Neck Strap: Sporty eyewear suppliers have produced some neck-straps that keep your eyeglasses safe and ready to wear when you need them. Such holders keep your eyewear near to your body when they are not in use. Besides, this handling technique is most popular among sports players.
  • Think about Lanyard: Suppose, you are not participating in fast speed sport, a lanyard is a great technique to place your eyeglasses when you don’t want to wear them.

It depends on your action place, and prefer that way that is convenient, and could not harm your sunglasses. You invest a handsome amount on sunglasses, so care for them as much as you can.

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