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News Thursday, February 13, 2020 Comments (0)

How to Make Money with Facebook Ads in 2020?

With almost 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook easily ranks as one of the most popular digital social platforms out there. More so, it also allows you to make money with a variety of ways that will be discussed in the blog. There are thousands of people already who are taking advantage of this fact. If you’re thinking of doing the same then you’re at the right place. So without further ado, here is how you make money with Facebook Ads the right way.

The Importance of CTR

Essentially speaking, Facebook is all about getting people to CLICK on your ad. The CTR or Click Through Rate is the ratio that measures the performance of your ad in terms of how many people see & how many get interested enough to click on the ad. The first step towards a successful Facebook campaign is all about getting your CTR right. A good CTR for Facebook can be as high as 2 percent in excellent cases. For the most part, it ranges between .5 to 1 percent. So if you want your ads to perform well, you need to take into account this ratio first.

Visuals Matter

As opposed to AdWords, Facebook is all about using imagery to bring life to your campaigns. If AdWords is all about using the right words to target your audience, Facebook is all about using the relevant pictures & images that will add fuel to your advertisement. Try adding pictures that bring emotion to the viewer. A cute picture of a three-year-old baby or cats would be a good place to start!

Targeting The Relevant Audience

Irrevelent targeting is penalized heavily by Facebook. Thus, you need to target the right people who are MOST LIKELY to click on your ads. Interests of people can be gauged by their interests & liked pages on Facebook. For instance, if you were to start a campaign to sell glasses online, try including only those people as your target audience that have liked pages of lifestyle, fashion & eyewear brands. On the other hand, if you’re promoting a feminine brand, including men in your target reach would simply be a bust.

Local First, Global Second

This is important for startups that need to get a word of mouth in their local city or town first. Doing so will easily place you ahead of your competitors when it comes to gaining popularity in the local market first. Once you’ve formed a solid footing in the area your business exists then going global wouldn’t be much of a problem.  

High Engagement Equals Higher Reward

It’s no secret that as more people start engaging with your post, the cost per click starts to decrease. For this, you need to build a genuine relationship with your audience as well & communicate with them in the most authentic manner. It’s so easy for businesses today to act insincerely just to gain a swathe of customers. 

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