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Health Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Comments (0)

How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus in 2020?

It was recently revealed that the death toll from coronavirus has exceeded than SARS, which occurred back in 2003. The gravity of the situation calls for adequate prevention via maintaining good hygiene, which is the best way to counter it. This respiratory illness is making rounds on the web due to being extremely deadly & irreversible at the moment. However, with the help of the right precautionary measures, this hyper contagious illness can be protected against. This article discusses how you can guard yourself properly with the help of a few simple tips.

Do You Contract Coronovirus That Easily?

Although you don’t need to be overly cautious if you’re some world away from east Asia, there have been several double-digit cases of coronavirus in the Americas. It’s always best to seek prevention as it’s better than cure (which is non-existent in this case). Wherever you’re residing at the moment, a single instance of coronavirus can snowball into something formidable. Due to its highly infectious nature, one can be its prey in the most unexpected moments.

Some Essential Tips For Protection

It’s always best to do what’s simple yet effective. As there’s no way to deal with it by way of medication, experts recommend maintaining proper hygiene throughout the day. For instance, washing your hands & face frequently will keep your skin clean & prevent any bacteria from sticking on it. For instance, if you’re someone who works in industrial jobs, wearing safety glasses would be an excellent way to prevent bacteria from your environment to enter through your eyes.

Although it’s not uncommon to see people wearing a regular surgical mask for protection, it is often deemed as futile by doctors. There’s a specialized respiratory mask that is actually more effective. The material is thicker. However, this can work adversely for people who live in hot environments as the lack ventilation can cause the mask to become moist & uncomfortable to wear for long hours.  

For people who are going through minor illnesses such as cough or flu, resting at home is recommended as your immune system would be at a low-defense state. When sneezing or coughing, always cover your mouth with a disposable cloth such as a tissue paper that you should immediately get rid of. Regular washing of hands with a sound anti-bacterial soap is highly recommended. You should do this every time you eat a meal or come home after work.

When Prevention Isn’t Enough

Although taking precautionary measures is crucial, experts say that it all boils down to having a strong immune system that keeps the virus at bay from destroying your body. This is something that’s genetic in most cases but you can always improve yours by sleeping adequately, exercising & incorporating a large number of fruits & vegetables in your diet. Limit the number of processed foods & fatty foods from your diet. On the whole, it’s best to keep yourself up to date on what medial experts are actually saying when it comes to protecting yourself against Coronavirus.

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