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Health Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Comments (0)

How to Relieve Your Stress?

From minor to major challenges, stress and anxiety are a part of life. As you cannot control your settings, but you can control how to respond to them. When stress becomes chronic, you can cling to your well-being.

Therefore, it is essential to reduce the effect of stress to make up your mind and body. Besides, one size fit is not a good option in releasing stress because one thing will not put the same effect on another person.

And always one activity cannot perform all-time to release stress. For example, you release your stress with dancing, but that thing cannot apply when you are in a grocery store or the community.

Like Wiley x safety glasses, you use them for eye protection against sunlight but cannot use in the indoor site. So, it is essential to have a different method of stress relief, and you will be able to pick one strategy according to your circumstances. In a busy and competitive age, almost everyone feels stress and anxiety. Here is the compiled list of relieving stress.


Exercise is a great way to combat stress. Some people consider it contradictory, but physical stress can release through exercises. You can get various advantages if you do exercise daily. People who do exercises daily get less affected by stress rather than those who don’t. There are a few reasons which show you must continue this.

Exercise may lower the risk of stress hormones like cortisol in the long run. They also help to release endorphins; these are chemicals that enhance your mood and perform as painkillers.

Exercise also helps to enhance your quality of sleep which also negatively affects anxiety and stress.

If you do exercise regularly, 3M Safety Glasses you might feel more confident and competent in your body that promotes mental health.

Try to do a variety of exercises like jogging, walking, yoga, and dancing.


Burning a scented candle or use essential oil because it might help to reduce stress and anxiety. Some fragrances are soothing, and below are some scents that can affect someone.






Roman chamomile



If you use scents for your mood treatment, it is known as aromatherapy. Many studies show that aromatherapy can reduce stress and anxiety and even improve your sleep as well.

What About Supplements:

Numerous symptoms help in the reduction of stress and anxiety, and here is a short overview of the most common are as follows.

Lemon balm belongs to the mint family, and many studies show its anti-anxiety effects.

One research shows that students who take omega-3 supplements, get a 20% reduction in stress signs.

Green tea has polyphenol antioxidants that offer many health advantages because it decreases stress by enhancing Seroton level.

Ashwagandha is an herb that uses in Ayurvedic medicine to treat stress, and numerous studies are in its favor.

Some supplements have some side effects, so you must consult with a doctor before taking them.

Reduce Caffeine Intake:

Caffeine is an intoxicant found in tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and coffee. But if you take caffeine in high quantity, it increases stress level. Everyone has a threshold for the quantity that they can tolerate.

If you feel that caffeine is making you anxious, Healthy and Fitness, you must cut back it. But many studies show that caffeine has a healthy effect if you use it for moderation. Keep remembering it is not for everyone. Generally, a 4-5 cup of coffee is enough for one day.

Write Down:

Another way to stress down is to write down something. Think about positive things in your life because a positive approach can release stress and anxiety. So, focus on those things that whatever have positive in your life.

Bubble Gum:

An easy and quick way to release stress is by chewing a stick of bubble gum. One study proves that people who use bubble gum had a great sense of releasing stress. One explanation is that bubble gum produces brain waves like relaxed persons. Another study shows that it promotes blood flow in the brain. So, if you chewed with fast speed, more stress is released.

Spend Maximum Time with Family And Friends:

Social support is essential because spending time with friends and family help in releasing stress. To become a part of friends and family networks, you feel self-worth that will help you to pass the tough time.

One study shows that women spend their time with friends and children that things help in releasing oxytocin that is a natural stress reliever. Keep remembering that both men and women can get benefits from friendship.

Moreover, Eye Web, one more study shows that people who have a small friend circle of family and friends, they can suffer more anxiety and depression.

Bottom Line:

Stress and anxiety can arise in your personal life and workplace, but applying above these simple ways can help you to reduce stress and anxiety level. 

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