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Business Monday, July 13, 2020 Comments (0)

How to Start Your New Work After Leaving Your 9-5 Jobs?

Your alarm goes off, and its time to get up, get a shower, grab a cup of coffee for the road, and go for work like a daily routine. It looks like you are on autopilot, and you don’t need to think about anything because you have to perform those tasks that you are assigned daily.

You get two weeks of vacations, useless pay, Top 10 Beauty Products, you sit around the bunch of gossipers, and work. I think you don’t need any degree for what you are doing. Many people are moving away from this typical full-time job because they are molding themselves towards freelancing beginning their own company, or growing business in new norms.

Data shows that freelancing is increasing, and the maximum percentage of people are selecting freelancing, and this ration is equal to 34% of the total workforce. In the last seven years before, the ratio of freelancing was 15%, and many people are realizing freelancing freedom.

The idea of doing a job for someone makes you cringe, and if you do a full-time job then you might feel suffocation in your life. Monday is a dreadful day because it seems many conferences and meeting that never ends.

By doing a corporate job, your soul is stuck right out of the body. But don’t fret you can start a new business while you will work for someone but according to your terms and conditions. So, kick out your full-time job and start work for yourself but follow some points.

  1.          Get an idea of business for which you want to pursue.
  2.          Set a schedule of your business work while building up savings.
  3.          As your business working phase is going on, get your paying clients.
  4.          Save enough money from you’re your full-time job to covering the expenses of 6-12 months of your business.
  5.          Ok, start your business journey.

Set Your Working Time Table for Your Entrepreneur Journey:

To make the jump from a full-time job to full-time work as a freelancer is a big move. Set a time table in your transition period and make it more tangible. That thing will make you more motivated and accountable when time is a bit rough for you.

Before deciding your time table, you need to focus on your financial picture but how you will leave your job as well. Are you giving a clean break or will the option of gradually transition? Here are a couple of things that you must consider that are:

How will you cover up your expenses after quit your job? For example, you might save for gas or commuting, but did you spend on health insurance?

Are your company will keep you as a part-time consultant? This thing will give some guaranteed income while working as solopreneur activities.

Make A Goal Set:

Everyone who quit their full-time job and goes for freelancing has different reasons. After making a goal before leaving your job, figure out the big goals that you get to achieve in the specific time frame. Normally, you quit your job when you have flexibility and freedom of working.

You don’t need any type of permission. Within three months, anyone can achieve their dream goal. A big goal will not only keep you focused but enhance your motivation and triumph.

When you are starting your work, no one will guide you on what to do because you know your path. Stick to your plan as early as possible because it will give you some skills set that you need for success.

Make A Plan to Execute:

Figure out what is your goal, and what do you think when you will achieve it, then the next step is when you have to execute it and how? Let’s follow three steps for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Deeply research to get your big goal.

If it is for income, pull your previous work experience.

Look at other businesses and find another viable option and compare whether you can do it or not.

Fix Your Rate:

The perfect point to make a solopreneur is to you have complete freedom of traveling, and you should quit at 2 pm. It doesn’t mean to work as a slave for 18+ hours a day. It means to set your goal that you can comfortably achieve.

You should follow Brent Jones’s story and do some little work with little earning to make your position in the required industry. You will not work for free; Best Saving Tips While Shopping Online, you will work for something to get some cash. The first few projects will be your social proof because it will help you to establish your credibility in your field, and that will fix your rate.

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