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Health Tuesday, September 28, 2021 Comments (0)

How Hoya Rx Safety Glasses Can Shield Eyes from UV Radiation?

In the summer season, you have to spend most time outside daily. So, you are enjoying yourself a lot in the swimming pool and feeling great satisfaction with the rays on your skin. But keep remembering that these UV ray’s dangerous effects on the eyes and many people have no idea about the influence of rays. Therefore, you need to wear hoya Rx safety glasses for the protection of UV rays.



UV radiation means ultraviolet radiation which produces by the sun. Besides, mercury lights, tanning beds, and visible lights are other artificial sources to create UV rays, and you cannot see them. UV rays are the non-ionizing sorts of radiation because they have fewer frequencies rather than X-rays and Gamma rays.


Difference Between UV Radiation:


UV radiation has three chief kinds of rays, and ultraviolet rays A has healthy advantages on human health. Besides, UVA rays don’t absorb by the ozone layer. Therefore, UVA is directly striking the earth. The total wavelength is 315-399 nm, but they are weak than other sorts of radiation. Besides, UVA rays can easily penetrate your skin and lead to severe damage that is not visible.


Another common rays are UVB which is largely trapped through the ozone layer. Its wavelength lies between 280-314nm, and therefore, these rays are much stronger as compared to UVA rays. But don’t penetrate the skin, and it only affects your skin which is openly uncover under the sun.


Many people have no concern for the third UVC rays because they mostly absorb through the ozone layer. Therefore, these rays don’t reach earth, and they have a shorter wavelength between 100-279nm. So, you cannot expose through these until and unless it doesn’t approach on earth.


Effects of UV Exposure:


The degree of ultraviolet radiation relies on how many powerful rays you are getting from outside. When you become closer to the sun as on the equator or high above sea level, you would get more rays. Besides, when you are at shiny surfaces like water bodies, you can receive more reflection.



But the good news is that these rays have several advantages. You can get vitamin D through which you can receive calcium and enhance your immune system. But make sure you are receiving a specific amount of sun rays because more rays can prove harmful for you. Besides, too much exposure to UV rays can lead to eye strain and headache as well.


Protect Your Eyes with The Best Safety Glasses:


Luckily, there are several ways to shield your eyes from harmful UV radiation. Keep remembering you are not getting sun lamps and tanning beds because these are artificial lights. And artificial lights can produce a high amount of hazardous rays. If you are going outside, never forget to apply sunscreen because it is an essential protective factor for the skin. Besides, it should have 15spf or more than this and utilize this lotion after every two to three hours. Furthermore, you can apply sunscreen any time if you are at the swimming pool.


Never ignore wearing Rx safety glasses or protective eyewear with different shades. They are an ideal defense against UV rays. However, polarized lenses are a good choice because it provides you high-grade safety from irritating glare

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