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International Clients Day | March 19th 2023

Are you running your business successfully? Can you clarify the reason for a successful business? Right, clients. Clients are a significant part of your business, and even you cannot imagine running your business without your clients. Whether you have offline or online clients, definitely, a business without clients is impossible.

Clients are not only buying your products, but they are the best marketers of your products as well. No person would like to spend thousands of dollars on specific products if their clients cannot convince them. When the clients satisfy their customers, they take an interest in buying your massive products. Therefore, showing respect and appreciation is significant in favor of their service.

International client day introduced the objective that every client you have chosen for your business is crucial to you. Besides, you are happy to determine them for your firm. Let's dive deeply into client day and what to do for its celebration.

When Was International Client Day Started?

The first time, holiday concept for the celebration of client day was in Lithuania in 2010. The purpose of the holiday was to celebrate the client’s efforts worldwide in multiple businesses. Some business people said that is why we don’t acknowledge our clients. They are the strong base of our business. Thus, this concept led to celebrating client day on 19th March 2010.

Very soon, the idea of celebrating client day became a hot headline in many newspapers and finally add permanently to the Lithuanian calendar. Since that day, international client day has been viral, and many companies celebrate this day and thank their clients worldwide. After one year, the president of Lithuania celebrated client day, and even it spread to Russia as well.


Ways to Celebrate International Client Day

If you are running a business, whether big or small, international client day is a perfect time for you to say something nice to your respected clients. But it doesn’t matter to grant them some great for their honor because every business person cannot afford such things.

For example, SEG and Eyeweb calls their team and arranges a meeting to figure out what to do best for their clients to make them happy. They have eyewear products and offer free discounts on their products for their specific clients. Thus, you can celebrate this day in your own way regarding your products. In this way, realize your clients and thank them sincerely.

But if you don’t have direct contact with your clients regularly. Simply call them and appreciate them for their great effort in your business growth. When your client comes to know your special feeling for him, a personal touch is a build that can stay for a long time.

Different Activities for International Client Day

  • Gift rewards for clients have a unique role because you encourage them to turn to you. Thus, offer them special discounts, and invite them to your special events. Or plan for special incentives for your clients that can make them happy and satisfied.
  • Send a direct message to your clients because it will give them a special feeling. Therefore, personal notes are crucial to increase the successful relationship with clients. Spare your time for special messages of gratitude because they have great effort in your business.
  • Social media is an excellent tool for every matter, and shout-out is the main thing used for a particular day. To make this day memorable for your clients, send them special wishes and encourage them to participate.

Interesting Facts About International Client Day

International client day is the best holiday and unique because it is only in the client's honor.
The land introduction of international client day means Lithuanians showed outstanding participation in this day by government agencies, telecommunication firms, and educational organizations apart from business circles.
You need to understand the difference between client and customer day. A client pays for a service from an organization or professional. But customers purchase your products from any place.

The digital world is increasing popularly, and almost 75% of people become sincere with the brand forever if they gain trust.
Thus, reward your clients so that they can come back to you for your products. Offer them special discounts and cards, and invite them for a special occasion. Besides, a direct message can also attract the client and build the best relationship with you. Engage them with social media and appreciate them on social media and in your blogs.

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