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Health Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Comments (0)

Is There a Benchmark for Resting Heart Rate?

Does your resting heart rate really define your fitness level? Is there anything such as a normal heart rate? Although experts say that normal heart rate can range from 60 bpm to 100bpm (in case of sportspeople, it can be as low as 40bpm), a hard & fast benchmark is nonexistent.

Resting heart rate or RHR can vary greatly from person to person, depending on their current health, age & a number of other factors. This article explores why RHR isn’t the only thing you should worry about when it comes to longevity.

What Does A Normal RHR Indicate?

Even with your normal heart rate, there’s no guarantee that your life would be without problems. This is because a heart rate beating at a perfect pace is independent of your risk of death as a result of any illnesses. Although anyone’s more likely to get a heart attack with higher rates of heart bpm, people with abnormally low heart rate entail the same risks. It's almost as if both overweight & underweight share the same chances of getting a heart attack.

Moreover, an irregular pattern of changes in the pulse is also deemed dangerous. So is normal heart rate just a myth? Well, it’s hard to simply define things in black & white. There’s no denying the fact pulse can be of great help in diagnosing any illnesses. This

Benefits of Wearable Tech For RHR

The rise of devices such as fitness bands & other wearable tech has only made things easier in terms of measuring heart bpm. Who knows, you may find glasses online in the foreseeable future that can gauge your pulse? It’s no secret that as wearable devices become more popular, people will inevitably become more health-conscious.

Experts say that this is just a precursor to nipping illnesses in the bud. Wearable tech can easily bring a revolutionary change in the world of healthcare. In the same vein, your heart rate can tell a lot about your health. If doctors are able to extract any vital information that helps them deal with patients in a more effective manner, smart devices could easily be one of the most vital technological advancements of the future.  

How Dependable Is Heart Rate?

As we age, there are multiple instances where heart bpm vary greatly. Our pulse starts to increase up to a certain point in our lives & then decreases progressively. Moreover, people with different sleep patterns may have different pulse rates which makes it invalid to declare their heartbeat as abnormal. Having said that, our pulse remains a significant yardstick for diagnosing any health problems.

Simply put, people have different bodies & this is what makes their heart beat vary greatly. Even gender plays a huge role as men & women have their differences. Nevertheless, with the increased use of wearable tech, doctors & medical practitioners are at a great advantage of peremptorily diagnose a disease & deal with it in an effective manner.

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