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News Tuesday, March 10, 2020 Comments (0)

List of Major Events Canceled Due to Coronavirus

This article is all about big global events that are either postponed, moved ahead or shelved due to the scares surrounding COVID-19. Major event planners are scratching their heads on how to go about solving this crisis. Will this growing pandemic ever stop? Only time will tell. In the current scheme of things, things are appearing to be quite bleak. This provides a brief overview of all the major events of the world halted by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Six Nations Rugby World Cup

Official reports say the famous international rugby championship is now postponed. A major factor behind this is the spread of Coronavirus in Italy, where a total of 16 million are quarantined as of now. The state is firing all cylinders on the precautions to take for preventing the virus to advance. Similar rugby events such as Hong Kong & Singapore Sevens also face uncertainty as they become postponed to an unknown date ahead.

Formula 1

The F-1 team is currently in talks to hold the event in Bahrain. Despite this, it would be a participants-only event. Officials are doing to protect fans & players from the virus. Even if you’re wearing a snazzy pair of sunglasses as Wiley X Valor & a protective mask, there’s no guarantee that you’re safe from contracting the disease. A similar event, the Chinese Grand Prix, is now postponed. It was previously scheduled for April.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

FIFA put off some of the qualifiers for World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The governing body further stated that any amendments will only take place once the situation of COVID-19 is at a reasonable level. On the other hand, the AFC has also put Futsal Championship held in Turkmenistan.

Google I/O

Last week, Google announced the cancellation of this year’s I/O. The event wouldn’t be taking place in California this year. Moreover, a temporary ban is now in effect for international employees.

Tucson Festival of Books

The authorities related to the Tucson Festival Of Books announced yesterday that it will cancel this year’s annual free book fair. They cited COVID-19 as the primary reason behind this. In 2017, the event hosted around 135,000 people, which is quite significant. For book readers, the biggest annual book event won’t be happening in 2020.

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