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News Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Comments (0)

Make your Mother’s Day Very Special by Giving Them a Surprise of Safety Eyewear Frames

Every mother is unique for her children. As a child, you must get surprise her with the unique gift of safety eyewear frames. Surprise her with the latest summer style because every mother is special for her child.

So, put away all activities, and it’s time to get cracking on Mother’s Day. Well, before going ahead, what kind of person is your mother. Go ahead in the crowd at your favorite brand’s store because it’s time to pick a unique present for your mother.

Here is the list of styles for different personalities, and get an idea about your mother. You have to pick one eyewear style that will suit her face.

Your mother will be round about 50 to 60 years and people believe that women at this age can hit any style. It means they have the age that safety eyewear frames will rock their personality.

Days have gone when at a certain age, women tend towards outdated and boring glasses for reading or any other activity. Indeed, you will wonder to hear that picking the right style will give you a younger look.

Perfect Eyewear for Over 60+ Women:

As it comes to the selection of right eyewear, three main things you must keep in mind. First of all, you must pay attention to the frame size.

The frame is an integral part of eyewear because your all look depends on the style of eyeglasses. It can give you older even at a younger age and younger look at a mature age.

Frame size has a different category like narrow, medium, medium-wide, and even wide. Besides, if you are the regular user of multifocal lenses, you must avoid vertically small frame.

While small frames are considered best for a reading time where small distance needs you. These frames have little space of lenses and these will be not enough for progressive or bifocal lenses.

Come on the section of face shape. The top-secret for enhancing your appearance with the pair of eyeglasses that could complement your face shape. Generally, face shape has five popular categories.

So, you should know what kind of face shape you have. Every frame is not for each face and if you chose the wrong frame, your face will give an odd look.

Different Face Shape for Certain Eyewear Style:

Oval face shape can fit with many different eyewear styles. Oversize and wide frames will go with the oval face shape. Stay away from narrow frames and heavy design elements because they will bit add your face length.

The square shape should go with angular and rounded eyewear because it will give you a softened look.

Avoid round and small frames for square face shape because you need a wide and angular frame. Besides, the semi-rimless and full-rim frame will boost up your look.

Heart shape can adjust with many frame styles. So, it would better to go with the round and oval shape eyeglasses. Chunky frames never try on the heart face shape.

Don’t forget about rarest face shape like a diamond shape. So, it will go absolutely with the oval rimless frame with a sharp brow line.

Important eyewear style according to personality:

Unique Styles for the Senior Mothers:

Now, the most important thing is that the senior generation doesn’t scare to try a new experiment.

  • Sophisticated mom:

Classic and chic eyewear will give your mum a flawless look. Give your mother a gift of a feminine frame that will give her elegant expression.

  • For trendy mum:

If your mother wears an impressive dress, enhance her glamour with bold style. On this occasion, complete her glamorous with sunglasses that can statement.

  • Don’t forget sporty moms:

Activate your mother's style with an eye-catching twist, and definitely, she will not turn her eyes from your gift.


Eyeglasses have a leading role in forming personal expression. This is an ideal accessory so choose a fashion-forward to each day.

Eyeglasses with fresh styles can give you a youthful look to both men and women. Besides, the cat-eye shape frame is an excellent choice for senior ladies.

Moreover, the high touch of gloss finish gives a new life to a mother's face. Senior citizens should avoid matte finish with black, gray, or any other darks colors.

Never ignore an essential chic accessory for your mother's gift. Get all gift wrapped with a personal message for your mother and show your love.

Eyeglasses have the main role in forming personal expression. This is an ideal accessory so choose a fashion-forward to each day.

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