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Is Martin Luther king day a National Holiday | Biography & Facts


What is Martin Luther King jr Day?


It is a national holiday in America. Besides, it is celebrated in the honor of the great achievements of Luther King, who was the minister of Baptist and the leader of civil rights. He raised his voice for the non-violence protest contrary to racial discrimination.


When is Martin Luther King Day?


It is always celebrated every Monday of the first month means January of every year. In 2021, it was taking place on 18th January.


Who Was Martin Luther King Jr Day?


Martin Luther King jr day was a minister of Baptist and was the great leader of the social rights movement was run between 1950 to 1960. He was awarded Nobel Peace Prize due to his great achievements in 1964, and he was the youngest person to raise his voice for the violence of social rights.




There is a federal day off in honor of Martin Luther King on his birthday, and it was celebrated on Monday 18th January on his 25th anniversary. It was signed in 1983, for and first time, practiced in 1986. Basically, this holiday is a tribute to Luther king for proceeding with the protest for social justice and civil rights without passive resistance.


Surprisingly, it is the second birthday that was accepted as a federal holiday after the birthday of George Washington. However, the respective holiday makes known the still unsettled conflict between freedom and independence for the existence of the United State.


Generally, Washington protected its growing democracy, and it was the first president session in 189-1799. Meantime, a king Baptist Pastor runs a massive movement for human rights and freedom. Washington welcomed slavery, but in the meanwhile, he was protected by the revolution.


So, in resisting white sovereignty, the king faced essential illogicality from the main center of the United State, and they were refusing the law of equality. One was the master of slaves, and the other was derived from slaves.


At the age of 67, Washington passed away on 15th December 1799 on his homestead mean Mount Vernon Virginia. Of course, his wife Martha liked the viewpoint of a king. When the king was 39, he was attached to the public protest as a private citizen, and he was murdered on 4th April 1968 in Tennessee. It was the time when he was the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and was planning to conduct a march favored for black sanitation workers. He was part of the campaign of poor people. King Martin was shot directly in the face, and he died with the movement associates.


The United State gave honored Washington in different ways counting local parades and farewell addresses. Then 31st January 1879, Congress announced the birthday of Washington like a national holiday. Although Lincoln well-maintained the union in the period of the civil war and promoted the birthday of Washington to a regional reunion. However, it was focused on the background of the country in the insurgency and completely ignore the slavery and complaint of a Black citizen of the United State.


Before the announcement of the Washington honor from Congress, President Rutherford just removed the national crowd from previous affiliated states. This decision would almost ease the reestablishment of unbridled white sovereignty was approximately for one hundred years.


A black king born in 1929 was just accidental and conditional. It was the claim that America should fulfill its promise because the black people had no option just to sacrifice their black bodies or even their lives. It was not the first time the assassination of any king because there are a lot of examples related to these incidents.


For example, Medgar Evers, a representative of the NAACP is the one name. Black children were never exempted from racial extremism.


So, after the death of a king, many bills and petitions have consented to the Congress for the suggestion of a national holiday in the honor of a king. Well, it couldn’t have gathered support, but many people in that state celebrated his birthday.




After passing 53 years of a king, the undertake land for the Black people, where they will take full rights remains undefinable. However, many protests contrary to police violence and marches for the hold up of Black people are strong reminders for the United State that it should fulfill promises for Black people of America. Before the death of the king, his closing words have captured the meaning and objectives of sacrifices and protests of Black Americans.


His Golden Words Were;


“I might not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land.”




Let's come and dedicate ourselves to creating land where the sacrifices and protests from Back people are not needed to live life on the land of America.

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