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Technology Monday, June 15, 2020 Comments (0)

Most Addictive Games of 2020

Every year apple’s app and google play store is flooded with the listing of gaming apps. Several games are so addictive that no one can ignore them at all.

Playing games at mobile helps to relieve your stress, but it gives you the path to connect with the gaming community around the world.

But before playing your favorite game on any digital gadget, never forget to wear Prescription Glasses. As they will protect you from digital glare and eye strain.

Now the question is what things make you addictive. No one would want to play for a long time, but by giving some kind of challenges that you want to become a master.

So, for becoming a master of any game, and to get the highest scores these things can sink any person into a game for several hours that even you don’t realize it. If you figure these games, there is a bit difficult to count them.

But some games are fabulous that you can play for several hours without any break. Here is the list of most popular games 2020 that would inspire you to play with them.

PUBG Mobile:

PUBG game is the most popular game app in more than 100 countries. After introducing the version of PC for PUBG, it presented new features with the new concept of battle.

Where players can access an unknown island, and then fight for coming on the top. In this game, the fighting area becomes shrink gradually for bringing the player close with each other.

The PUBG map of the mobile is the same as the PC even they have the same name. Lightspeed and Quantum studio designed PUBG mobile that is the core partition of Tencent games.

Moreover, Best Gaming Headsets, the PBG experts take advantage of the python, and they used to develop for a favorite game app on mobile.

Call of Duty:

A game that had 50, 000, 000+ downloads in App and plays store, that was a call of duty. Call of duty was ruling in the gaming world because of smooth gameplay, favorite maps with COD history, and graphics.

Moreover, this game provides two kinds of modes. In battle royal, you have to survive in the experience of 100 players, and in multiplayer, you participate in the traditional 5 vs 5 team base fighting.

But hold on, fun is not going to stop here, this game was the favorite game playing that makes more addictive in 2019. Recently, with the new updates like zombies’ action or can play snipper wit snipper on the battlefield.

Game of Throne:

A most popular game in the web series that has broken several records that is the game of throne. Although its season 8 ending was disappointing, despite people loved this show.

Now, they are planning to launch behavior interactive in the game of throne. But still, this game in the beta testing phase and some features disclosed by GOT community members.

Moreover, you could play all games in the mobile game 2020 because these games have the potential to be the most popular mobile games. You can even register earlier for this game.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad:

This is one of the most iconic PC games that is now coming on mobile devices, and you will be able to play free RPG which Ubisoft Studio developed.

After the release of this game for the iOS and Android, you can pick and assemble your all characters from splinter cell, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Six.

Moreover, the game has strengthened through a developer that this mobile game is a real-time battle role. Now, you can upgrade and assemble all characters, and even you can lead them with the real-time fighter 5v5 team.

Tom Clancy’s elite Squad will release this year, but the developer will announce its exact date. Stay tuned with the developers through the Facebook page.


Pocket Edition is the legendary PC game that is available in mobile versions like tablets and smartphones. Moreover, it can support both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile version is the same as the PC version.

Moreover, Antivirus Software, the gamers have option to play in a creative mode with the help of all resources. Or even you can play in a survival mode in which they have nothing in their list because they have to earn all things from scratches.

Surprisingly, the survival mode is more challenging. If you catch by zombies, creepers, or spiders, you will miss your all resources, and you would start from the start.

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