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When and Why do we Celebrate Women's History Month?

A celebration for the contribution of women in culture, society, and history is one day that is March of every year in the USA since 1987. This day is observed with the name of Women’s History Month. Thus this celebration will also hold in 2022 on Tuesday, first March, and 31 March.

This is the happiest month for women that is celebrated every March annually. Besides, this is the day for women to remind the massive contribution of women in making society. Keep reading this post because you will come to know about its significant dates and lengthy one-month celebration. Thus this is a women's history month for the contribution and long achievements for making a remarkable society. Therefore, this is the celebration of the distinguished achievements of women that are celebrated in March month.



What is Women's History Month, and How Does it Begin?

In previous years, women's history month was recognized as International women’s day. It was the day of 28 Feb when suffragists ad socialist meetings were held in Manhattan in the year 1909. But after one year, it means 1910, according to a BBC report, there was a German activist Clara, who suggested International Women’s day. A day should recognize as women's day in the International conference for working women. There were 17 countries included in that conference, and all agreed with this suggestion.

Thus in 1911 on 8th March, there was the first celebration of Women’s Day in Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland. But still, that day didn’t get popular at the celebration level in the USA. But United Nations started to support it in 1975. In 1977, a task force encouraged a school principal who was currently handed a Title IX. They created a week for the name of Women’s History Month. They insisted that there should be a great celebration for the achievements of women also because they have incredible contributions in making culture and society.

Thus in March of 1980, its celebration was spread all over the country. Besides, president Jimmy declared officially on March 8 as Women History a national week. This is the same day when co-sponsored, and representative of a first joint resolution of Congressional declare this week as a Women History Week on 8th March of 1981. Since 1981, congress also announced the whole March month for the effort of Women’s History Month.




Some Significant Dates of While in the Women History Month:


  • On 8th March in 1911, there was the celebration of International women's day, and even a holiday was established.


  • On 3rd March of 1913, there was a major march in Washington that was occurred by suffragists.


  • In 1917 March month, the National Women’s party was designed, and the chief purpose was to give the vote right to women.


  • In 1972 of first March, women got Title IX, and that time this was formed as women's history month for the encouragement of Title IX. Besides, it was the declaration to stop the discrimination because of genders in education programs at the federal level.


  • On 22 March of 1972, an amendment was accepted on equal rights in the Senate.



Reason for a Celebration of Women History Month:

Women's history month is a celebration of the dedication of women that is mostly overlooked in the history of the United State. There was a remarkable contribution of women in every effort in the foundation of the USA. But soon, this celebration was stretched for a week to accept women's effort in the social organization and culture of the USA. It was held in the district school of Sonoma of California. The presentation was delivered in many schools, and many students participated in essay content “Real Women” and even there was an also held parade.




After a couple of years, the idea was clicked in different organizations, school districts, and communities country-wide. Jimmy Carter, president of the USA established an entire week for women’s history on 8th March. The congress party of the USA passed this resolution and made this struggle of women a national holiday. After six years, the project of women's history successfully appealed, and congress expand this even for the whole of March month.


International Women Day:

There was a worldwide celebration for the achievements of women at a political, social, and economic level, and it was named international women day. The first time, it was successfully announced to celebrate on 8th March of 1911. Several countries started this celebration as a holiday with different customs, educational initiatives, and demonstrations in the form of giving presents to women with a lot of flowers and gifts.

United Nations-supported International women's day was in 1975. While adopting the resolution of international women’s day, the United nation observed this day for many reasons. To identify the fact safeguarding the social and peace progress, full enjoying of human rights, and basic freedom need equality, dynamic participation, and progress of women. Besides, to accept the women's contribution in the establishment of security and peace.


So, Women’s History Month is the celebration of suffragette values and womanhood at all levels. It is a celebration of the massive contribution and achievements of women worldwide. Thus, it is a reminder when people honor the women due to their unique abilities and massive strength in March month. Besides, it is the celebration to provide full rights of women in all shapes of society.


The Theme of Women History Month 2022:

The national women's history alliance always designs the theme of women's history month. According to the 2022 theme, “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope. It means providing honor to the forefront and caregivers workers for continual work in the pandemic condition. Besides, to identify the several faces of women offered in all cultures with best hope and healing in overall freedom history.



According to the announcement of a president, the March month of every year will be designated for women's history month. This is the favor for monumental achievement and a lot of contribution in the USA history.

Although American citizens don’t get holidays and all kinds of institutes, businesses, and offices remained open. But this month arranged some special programs and events for the immense role of women through long month observations.

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