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News Tuesday, March 3, 2020 Comments (0)

Police Arrest an 11-year-old GTA Fan Driving a Real Car

Police caught an 11-year old driving a car in the streets of Blackpool. The child's parents got frustrated & let him drive the car to stop him from playing Grand Theft Auto all day. The legal driving age in the UK is 17, which is what prompted the police to take action. There were no reports of any accidents or injuries.

After failing to stop their child from playing games, they decided to go with a different tactic. Sounds wicked, right? Sometimes, playing a useful trick is more useful than forcing action on your kid. 

If you still have a soft corner for his parents, then you're not alone. According to a study almost 90 percent of parents believe their children are spending excess hours on gaming. Young kids are starting to take it as an 'e-sport'. But is gaming that harmful?

The Perils Of Video Game Addiction

It's not uncommon for parents to think hard to rid their children of video game addiction. After a futile battle with their child to prevent him from playing GTA, the parents knew what would work. Sometimes, doing the unconventional thing pays off. According to the Addiction and Treatment Centres, there has been a 300 percent increase in video game addiction. This points to the fact that gaming addiction is a reality. It can stem from a very early age if kept unchecked.


Is your child addicted to games?

Although playing games in leisure time can be healthy for anyone's brain. But the problem arises when it becomes a source of escapism. It can also distort the time perception for kids, leading to ill management of their schedule. Experts tell people to watch out for these ominous signs. First, observe if your kid talks a lot about their favorite game. Notice whether they get defensive if you try to cut down on their playtime when it gets excessive.

Second, if their gaming habits are taking a toll on their health, it's important to stop them. Check for any physical symptoms such as sore eyes, backaches or a stiff neck. Furthermore, check if your child needs vision correction glasses. If they like playing outdoors, get them an RX enabled Wiley X Kobe polarized sunglasses. This becomes even more important if they spend many hours in front of the television.

Third, games can lead to isolation, depression & daydreaming. If your child is facing any of these symptoms, it's time to put the console in the closet for some time.

Too Much Of Anything is Bad

Video games are good for relaxing your brain in a healthy manner, but the excess of it is always harmful. It's imperative to balance play with work. That's how our brain works when it comes to rewards & effort. In short, any kind of gaming shouldn't affect your child's performance at school. Moreover, kids should partake in healthy outdoor activities like any sport of their choice.

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