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Health Thursday, May 14, 2020 Comments (0)

How can Prevent Your Eyeglasses from Scratches?

Eyeglasses scratches are the most common problem that every wearer gets this experience.

Have you ever got this experience?

Of course, scratches are the common thing that happens frequently on lenses. Your specs are the most significant thing for you because your eyesight depends on them. You can see objects clearly and navigate them around the world.

If you have 3m safety glasses for your risky workplace, they are more valuable for you. Because not only for vision, but your eyes safety is also depending on them. Scratching eyeglasses create hurdle in viewing in your normal life.

Yet scratched lenses look odd, and you obviously will want scratch-free lenses. So, suppose you get scratches on your eyewear, what will you do. Here are simple and easy tips that you can make scratch-free lenses at home.

Keep Eyewear On:

For avoiding scratching, you need to keep your eyeglasses on. But in case you have to take ff your specs, you should keep them nearby you. For keeping them safe, you can wear a chain around the neck and can hang them when you don’t need to wear them.

By doing this, your 3m safety glasses will safe and remain in touch with your clean and soft shirt rather than any hard surface. Removing the glasses frequently is a strong temptation for newbies. But frequent removing eyewear is not a good habit.

If you repeat this practice with your glasses, you might develop the habit of removing glasses for a whole life. So, force yourself not to take off your specs for the first few months. You will get a habit to wear them all time, and your face will easily adjust this shape.

Clean Your Eyewear with Branded Cleaner:

Not to clean your eyeglasses daily, the lenses can get the scratches because dirt can damage the lens surface. It would be better to clean your glasses with the microfiber piece of cloth because they are designed for this task.

Moreover, there are many branded cleaning solutions that you can use to clean your lenses. If you clean your lenses regularly, this habit will remove light smudges otherwise they will become hard to remove.

Keep Your Glasses on Safe Places:

If you want to remove your temporarily, don’t keep them on the hard surface. Don’t get lenses down on the table and always place down the temples rather than lenses. Eyeglasses are quickly scratched when you place them on a rough surface and forgotten.

So, to avoid missing your eyewear, make a fixed place, and always put them in that area. Never to put your specs in the bathroom and bed because they can be easily broken in these places.

Handle them with Temples:

Avoid handling your eyeglasses from lenses on the time of removing them. So, always grip them with soft hands and from temples as well. Make sure you have enough grip on temples and it should be not so tight to bend.

Always Use a Hard Case:

When you want to remove your eyeglasses whether temporarily or for a long time, a hard case is the best solution. A hard case is the most suitable place for protecting your Eyewear. Always keep a hard case near you like a desk or bedside table at home.

But if you are not at home, keep them in your purse or handbag. Put out your eyeglasses from a case when you need to wear them. Eyewear hard case is the perfect place because they will be safe from scratches and even breaking.

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