About Us

Our purpose at Besttrendingnews.com is to promote content that actually helps people understand technology, marketing & viral news in a better way. We host an experienced in-house team that is able to write blogs to make a valuable impact on our readers. The mission is to produce subject matter that resonates well with anyone who visits the website.


This privacy policy will help our readers to better understand how their personal information is collected which enables us to provide a better user experience. This website (Besttrendingnews.com) has strict rules pertaining to violation, theft or loss of any personal information of our visitors. We strive to protect any information provided by you. Also, the articles, blogs & other forms of content are solely owned by Besttrendingnews.com otherwise stated. We urge you to read this privacy policy for a better comprehension of how we collect your data in accordance with the regulations of our website.

What Information Is Collected By Us?

In essence, any personal information gathered by us is solely for the sake of making the website’s experience more meaningful for you. We don’t obtain any information for the sake of personal objectives other than the fact that it helps to deliver a more intuitive user experience.

Just like similar other websites, we receive that information which your browser sends while visiting our website. This usually includes the IP address, your browser type, the part of our website you’re visiting, session time & the date of your visit among other data that helps us become better.

How Your Information Is Used?

We use your information for the sake of keeping records that help us send the latest newsletters or updates pertaining to your interest, be it technology, business, marketing, news or any other similar subject matter. We may send you periodic emails if you subscribe to our website’s newsletter. Furthermore, we may use your information in order to offer a more personalized experience that is aligned with your interests.

Use Of Cookies

Cookies help us log data of your session on our website that allows us to analyze our website’s traffic & it’s usage in a more systematic manner. We only do this for the sake of statistical information in order to deliver the user experience you deserve. On the other hand, if you don’t wish us to collect your information, you can alter the settings of your browser to turn off cookies. 


Protecting Your Information


We don’t share any personal information of our visitors with third-party websites. We have implemented the most sophisticated safeguards to prevent any leakage, theft or loss of personal information. However, this still does not guarantee any indirect or direct loss of information from our side in case of an unforeseen accident or a mishap.