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What is Read Across America Day?


On 2nd March of every year, there is a day of reading Across America Day celebrated for favorite activities. This day was well-known by NEA the National Education Association in 1998. Besides, this day was in the support of those kids who are excited about activities. The day happens every year on each birthday of the dearest child, and the author's name was Seuss. Watch KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie Online For Free In HD Quality.

So, it is a perfect day to celebrate that Seussian day to read out the popular story. On this National Read Across American Day, parents, students, teachers, and other community participants of a worldwide nation come to one place and then read books. Besides, by reading books, they celebrate the happiness of books reading. You must join this.

When does National Read Across America Day?

National Read Across America Day is celebrated on the 2nd March of every year in the honor of being able to read. Therefore, visit the library, or sit on your favorite couch to become a bookworm.

History of America day:

Once Dr. Seuss said that more reading brings more knowledge and you come to know about more things. Therefore, every year in March Month, National Reading Month is associated with the celebration of a beloved author who had a craze to read books. He is the author of kids' books all-time and whose name was Dr.Seuss. Therefore, reading different stories and tricks regarding her excellent character is a ritual of away. It is the perfect way to put interest in the children to read books and get interested to know more.

This America Day is more than just reading books. It is a call to everyone to come and read, particularly for children to read more and more books. Keep engaging your children in reading different books and get more fun with the communication experience. This is the time when we are trying to build up our character.

And adulthood when we try to find out different ways to escape from our monotonous daily routine. Thus reading stories and novels can help to build up your shape. As it has a chief role in making you a better way. Due to the interference of digital gadgets in our life, it has become more vital than before to motivate your kids to take interest in reading.

The NEA National Education Association is the leading day of reading beginning in 1998. The main objective is efforting to the improvement of education of local people. Therefore, reading is promoted all around the nation through different event organizations in schools, communities, clubs, and libraries. Teachers and other group members also take advantage to post and share their ideas on the website of NEA. In this way, you can maximize attendance and attention to your event.

But it is not the only duty of librarians and teachers to take part and create awareness in other generations about reading books. Celebrities can also play the same role in bringing more knowledge to children. Besides, sportsman, actors, and other famous celebrities who are public figures can use their sources to spread the reading message that how can get enjoyment to read books. And even people should participate in different activities regarding reading circles and highlight these causes.

Customs of the America Day:

The National Read Across Day is celebrated on the same day when it is the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Who is the author of the children's books? Therefore, it is the custom to read his stories on this specific day. This is not the duty of anyone certain figures to celebrate this day, students, society members, and parents can become part of this reading event and celebrate this joyful day. Besides, everyone should encourage children to read more and more books to defeat digital gadgets and love books.



Reading parties can hold in schools, libraries, and homes. Public figures and celebrities should get interested in these events to support reading books. Book clubs are also celebrating this day to resume this reading tradition every day. Thus, it is a superb way for kids and parents to socialize and share ideas about their preferred books.

Different activities on America Read Day:

Well, several activities can perform on this reading day.

For example, you can arrange the best date with your favorite books because books don’t make you alone. And on this reading day, get coffee, tea, dinner, or a glass of wine with your books and spend a day with them. Book your table for two and just get lost in reading books in a public place and don’t look around what’s happening?



Look at another way is to host a day of reading books in your groups on this America day. Find out where are libraries or bookstores what they can offer you if you have children. Besides, look at what schools are making a plan for this day. Some events might find for volunteers to find out read books and then give them some gifts or treat regarding these occasions.

Celebrate the birthday party of Dr. Seuss and invite your friends to make this day. During this party, choose your favorite part of a story from the book by Dr. Seuss, and read them loudly among your friends.

Few interesting facts that can blow up your mind:

  • Reading books reduce your stress level and many studies have approved these facts.
  • Reading couldn’t be a strong point for every child because 40% of students are poor at reading.
  • It can increase your awareness of new words. For example, if you read for twenty minutes per day, it can increase the number of words by around 1800000 annually.
  • Reading books is the fastest way to increase your vocabulary because almost kids can learn 4000 to 12000 words annually.



If classrooms become libraries, it can create many bookworms because kids will get libraries in their classrooms to read favorite books. In this way, you can increase your focus and interest in reading books.


Thus there are many reasons to love Read Across America Day. Reading books is an excitement to explore new places and characters that could be different from the real world. Besides, reading books makes you smarter and keeps you more relaxed.

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