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Fashion Monday, January 18, 2021 Comments (0)

How to Pick Stylish Glasses for Men for a Good Impression?

Certainly, the right shirt with decent shoes is vital to get a good first impression. But people usually look at your face while talking rather than dress of shoes. Therefore, you may require stylish glasses for men to change the overall look.


If eyes are the window of your soul, you must take the best care of them. Below here is the crystal clear guideline for getting corrective specs with stylish shades. Hairstyle and beard, the kinds of frames are available that will determine to face shape.


Five face shapes are the main that fall all faces regarding spectacles. Beyond these face shapes, one shape of eyeglasses is made for you that suits your lifestyle. Therefore, broad up the ranges of different styles, it’s a chance to get the wrong style for your eyes. To omit any error, consult an optometrist to get a perfect shape of eyeglasses for you. 


Learn Face Shape Before to Order Stylish Glasses for Men:

Keep in mind one thing, always go to the opposite of the face shape and make the best contrast.


  • Round Faces will go best with the rectangular frames having a strong nose bridge. This frame shape will give you an illusion of a longer face. Besides, rectangular frames give a soft and definite structure.


  • Oval Faces are very popular face shapes, and Reading Glasses for Men with oval faces are lucky to get many advantages. Such faces are the luckiest because several styles can wear this shape. Options of frames are wide due to the widest part of the forehead.


  • Square Faces shape need offsetting, and circular styles are in for them. Well, rounded frames cover a large face area most cover the maximum portion of your face, so take care don’t get a look like an owl-eyes disorder. 


  • Rectangular Faces are less version of round faces, but they are easier going than a square shape. So, the recommended frames are thick temples with soft curves.


  • Heart Faces are the heavy inversion of the triangle faces with narrow chine but broad forehead. Therefore, your aim should be to pick eyeglasses that can minimize the length of your face.


What Color Pick to Purchase Stylish Glasses for Men?

Like fit suite is not enough to give you a good look regarding frames. There are several other factors that you must consider for the addition of shape. Further face balance can add with the help of the different shades of frames.


Certain frames shade work well with skin tone and enhance your personality. For example, chunky or dark frames will offer you a harsh contrast with the pale skin tone. Therefore, in this case, the recommended style is dark tortoiseshell.


The opposite color is true for medium and dark skin. Well, a darker skin tone opens up with the complete color spectrum. Therefore, the main purpose of frames to enhance your statement.


Get Stylish Glasses for Men with The Right Fit:

By now it is obvious that one fit doesn’t suit all faces. If you are buying eyeglasses the first time, it is vital to try different size modes for the right fit. If you are upgrading, it is easy for you to choose a pair as per need. Besides, if frames are completely modern, look at different numbers stamped to get the perfect look.


  •          Eye size comes in the number of 40-62 range. This is lens width from the edge of the frame.


  •          The bridge size has a two-digit number with a 14-24 range that is the size of the bridge.


  •          Temple size is measured with the arm’s length.


All of them are going through with the sequence of numbers and capital letters. Eye size is different for everyone and depends on the frame style. Wide and singular frames have a bigger eye size than circular frames. Choices also base on practicality and comfort.


If you get a pair of men eyeglasses that have a perfect fit, making worth to make a measurement. It is easy to buy eyeglasses according to that measurement in the future. In the case of prescription glasses, a strong prescription generally needs thick lenses.


Luckily, they can thin with the high definition lenses. But they are a little pricy and provide you a gorgeous look.

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