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Technology Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Comments (0)

Tech Savvier Glasses Beating the Barriers in Optical Industry

The Laster Glasses

Augmented Reality has been one of the most anticipated aspects to be achieved in the eyewear industry. But that anticipation is no longer a dream. Because it has been achieved entirely to let the wearers experience magnificence and amazement. The Laster Prescription Safety Glasses are the perfect interpretation of this concept. These glasses are meant to materialize the augmented reality shortly termed as AR.


These glasses are meant to provide the real-time augmentation of surroundings in the best way possible. Lenses of these prescription safety glasses directly aligned over the eyes to give the best exposure of the real-time augmentation. Apart from this, these glasses have a perfect design that has maximum adjustability. No matter wearer is standing, these glasses have the perfect interpretation of nearby whereabouts in order to provide the maximum facilitation.


Vox's AR Glasses

It needs an alarm to get up early in the morning. It needs a to-do list to get along with a day-long schedule. It needs a music player to operate manually to listen to the favorite songs. It needs a google map to navigate the whereabouts at best. What if a single aspect is there to deal with all these aspects single-handedly? Yes, that indeed would be a credible approach for any individual who has to deal to deal with all these aspects on a daily basis. AR Voxos Glasses are perfectly aligned to deal with all these aspects all in all. Manuals embedded on the temple of these glasses meant to operate everything.


An update on the daily to-do list, playing the music player, navigating the whereabouts in the real-time augmented scenario, or a search about nearest places, all these things can be dealing with a single aspect; Voxos AR Glasses. These glasses are designed to provide the maximum reliability with no matter the wearer is driving, reading, traveling or doing any other job. A single eyewear product to deal with all these things in the best way possible.  


Solo Navigation-Oriented Glasses

When it comes to traveling, there are a lot of things to consider on disposal. The foremost and the crucial one is to find the rightful way out of the given possibilities. Manually, it cannot be possible to go through all the ways explicitly and to conclude that which one is better. That’s the reason for knowing the exact whereabouts while traveling in an unfamiliar area is the key to successful riding. Being a rifer or cyclist, it could be hectic to take the gadget out again and again to see the turns, lefts, rights and other aspects. It could waste time at max.


How then to deal with this notion in the best way possible? All right, Prescription Glasses are the answer to all these queries. These glasses have the built-in navigation panel that leads and guides the wearers in a real-time scenario with maximum accuracy. The factor of time waste is minimized to hefty extents. Because the wearer can see the real-time navigation panel right in front of the eyes. These glasses are taking the navigational perspective to a whole new level.


Sensitive Tech-Glasses

Not all blind people are intended for help and support. Some are smart. Because they wear smart. Yes, that’s right. Smart glasses have just changed the perspective of the blinds. The launch of Sense’IT’ive Glasses has just changed the way of living fir the blinds. These glasses have opaque lenses that have the sensors embedded in them. These sensors are connected with two vibrators. These vibrators are meant to be worn on the wrist. They are all synced with each other.


While the blind person is walking, whenever there come ups and downs, the sense of glasses senses it becomes it comes. Because the gait analysis of the wearers is synched with these sensors. When such places arrive, the sensor sends a signal to the wrist vibrators. They start to vibrate and the wearers know the hurdle before it even comes. Based on this facilitation, these glasses are taking the eyewear by storm. Because they have the maximum facilitation for the blind.



Going through all these eyewear products, it gets easier to determine how far the eyewear industry has made. The factor of facilitation is touching the heights in the optical industry. Wearers are having maximum reliability as well as facilitation provided by these eyewear products. Not just the facilitation but the wearers are experiencing all-inclusive amazement via the features these eyewear products are providing.


If things keep on going this way, eventually, they would end up in something appealing and fully groomed. The standards of the eyewear industry are just taking a whole new level. That’s how eyewear brands are achieving their goals on account of this beyond-belief and next-generation eyewear products.

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