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News Monday, November 14, 2022 Comments (0)


There are rules and regulations for everything. It is a must that you follow them and ensure that you are keeping up with the updated ones too. It is important to ensure that your workers are safe and sound while working. This is up to the business to give workers the tools and pieces of equipment that will protect themselves during work.

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There are tons of different companies that have gotten huge fines because the workers were seen doing work that did not meet safety standards. Hence, during the OSHA check and inspection, Dollar General Corp. and Dolencorp LLC were seen as exposing their workers to dangerous hazards. 

Therefore, they were seen breaking the laws and violating them. For this, there were tons of enforcement powers used to ensure that the company gave their workers all the safety gear that they were looking for. Hence, these inspection checks are important, and they happen suddenly. Dollar General Corp. and Dolencorp LLC is a big company it runs in 47 states and still has been ignoring the state of their workers and protection.

 The safety standards have been ignored by them, and this time, they faced a penalty of $1,680,216 because there was an inspection at 4 of their companies. Summing up, more than %9.6 million in initial penalties have been received by the company since 2017. 



The Inspection Method 

 The inspection was held by the U.S Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The inspection was conducted in the month of April 2022 in some different regions. Hence, the inspectors noticed that they were violating ten repeats of the rules.

Moreover, the inspectors also came to notice that they were finding it hard to maintain their storage areas. These spaces were not clean and not set in an ordered manner. The stacking of the materials was unsafe, as all of them could have tumbled down. Therefore, all of these things and much more are violations that expose workers to dangers.                                                                                                         

The inspectors also added that the employees were also exposed to different types of fire and entrapment hazards. This was seen by failing to keep the exit routes and the electrical panels clear and unobstructed. Therefore, the fire extinguishers were not labeled, and this added to the non-protective elements.   

They also had an exit door that was locked and needed a key for it to open up. Therefore, all of these elements brought a huge risk for the employees at Dollar General Corp. and Dolencorp LLC. This has been seen since 2017, which is why they are at a huge fine.                                                                                                                

 The Importance Of OSHA Laws 

 OSHA laws are designed to ensure the safety of the workers in all places and also to make sure that they are healthy on the job. The laws that the OSHA display are taken seriously because it is a must that companies consider the safety of their workers at all times because they are exposed to numerous dangers. 

OSHA laws are equal to as Occupational Safety and Health Act that is because they cover all of the aspects that ensure a safe and healthy working environment. This is mostly taking place in the private sector, which is why there are inspections as well. Almost all companies are required to give their workers the safety they need by looking into the elements of the OSHA laws.  

There was an OSHAct that was put in place in 1970 to protect the workers from serious harm or even death at work. This was because there was a high rate of injuries as well as deaths of 19% that were mainly seen during working hours within the facility. Therefore, to improve the conditions and for people to feel safe while working, these rules will help. They make sure to have employees wear all the safety equipment so that they are away from all the risks that can cause them injury. 

The Enforcement Acts Of The OSHA

 It is obvious that there are still going to be some companies, such as Dollar General Corp. and Dolencorp LLC, who still do not follow the laws. Hence, in cases such, the OSHA has its own enforcement techniques that it can use. 

Therefore, apart from giving fines and penalties, they can always reach the higher authorities and report a case as well. Therefore, they have effective means which puts everyone on their spot when it comes to abiding by the safety rules. Hence, every company needs to follow the rules and regulations that are set by OSHA. 

There are inspection checks as well to have a detailed overview if the company is doing a good job of following the rules and not violating any. OSHA states safety measures and laws for all types of employees. However, one part they do not cover is the public employees. These are those employees who work for the state and local governments. There are some states that have approved the OSHA program. Hence, they work there as well, and those employees are covered by their laws too. 


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