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Health Friday, February 21, 2020 Comments (0)

This Week's Top Stories About Eyeglasses

If you’re interested in the latest news about eyeglasses this week from around the globe, you’re in the right place. This article is all about glasses that have been headlining various top tech blogs & websites. So without any further ado, here is the list.

Gaming Glasses Are Expected to Grow in Popularity

The projected growth for gaming glasses is almost 10 percent, which will increase even further in 2024. Blue light blocking lenses are becoming a ubiquitous choice for gamers due to the glare reduction feature that helps reduce the amount of strain caused by digital devices such as smartphones or PCs.


According to a study, the market size or gaming glasses will increase by up to $24 million in 2024. As more people spend time on digital devices during the day, there are high chances that people will choose to wear some sort of blue light blocking eyewear for the sake of healthy eyes.


This is applicable for a wide range of people including professionals, students, kids & even industrial workers. On the whole, whenever if you do decide to get one, always look for an anti-blue light coating that often comes with gaming eyewear.


Fighting Coronavirus With Medical Goggles

Roy Paulson, a safety glasses manufacturer from California, makes PPE for people working in construction, welding & other blue-collar professions. His company was pushed to make over 5000 goggles a day (which is ten times their normal production capacity) for the people living in China to help fight coronavirus.



The goggles are particularly used by medical professionals caring for the affected & workers of huge assembly factories in China. However, doing so has also pushed the cost of making goggles for consumers at large which of course they have to pay at retail price. 


Regaining Vision With Smart Glasses

If you’re shopping for RX frames online sometime in the future, chances are that smart glasses might soon become an option for the purpose of visual acuity as well. Scientists believe that the latter can be used to restore vision, even for a legally blind person. As eyewear technology advances, it won’t be uncommon to witness huge strides of improvement in what prescription frames have to offer.


For instance, Google glass allows you to add a prescription of your choice if you're suffering from a vision correction condition. Although electronic glasses bear a hefty price to pay for consumers in general, Moore's law suggests that the cost of technology always halves as it advances with time.


Glasses-Wearing Dog ‘Rusty’ Passes Away

This tweet from Boniface Hospital confirmed the beloved Rusty’s death on the 18th of February. Rusty had been bravely fighting oral cancer prior to his sad demise. The dog died just a day after his birthday. Countless people have been talking about the dog’s death on social media with unwavering enthusiasm about the dog’s compassion for helping distressed people. Rusty was primarily a therapy dog used to help people suffering from loneliness & depression in hospitals & care centers.



Rusty’s owner, George, was deeply saddened by this loss. Rusty was 15 years old and very cancer had already taken a huge toll on his health. George feels proud of his dog’s achievements who had served for over 2000 hours of therapy hours for patients.


AR Makes Strides In Tech Glasses

Vuzix, a multinational tech firm, has collaborated with TensorMark to integrate AI in its smart glasses. The former is known for making digital devices for more than two decades now & has been making headway in wearable technology in recent years. Speaking of AI, it can be used for a wide range of purposes that will help people to do more in their life.



For instance, the facial recognition feature can help with access & crime control, financial services, corporate employee program & other uses involving personal security. Besides making these for corporate sector buyers, Vuzix intends to make these glasses more accessible by offering them to large segments of consumer markets as well.


Apple Catching the AR ‘Bandwagon Effect

Apple’s trademark headset is proof that the Silicon Valley giants are on its way to make AR (Augmented Reality) more accessible for its users. It is reported that Apple will definitely launch an AR headset this year as we have already heard about the ARKit touted to become the default platform for iOS developers for publishing AR apps. Moreover, we could also witness Apple’s debut AR glasses being released during this year’s fall.

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