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Business Tuesday, July 7, 2020 Comments (0)

Tips on Creating Content for Platforms to Maximize Your Brand

Highkey Agency is a social media marketing agency that has maximized their client’s brands through savvy and targeted content. Their elite and international clients like @rickycarruth, @chriscavallini, @claytonmorris and many more inhabit diverse industries have benefited from Highkey’s careful implementation of high-level content.

In conjunction with their dynamic Instagram growth agency, Highkey Clout, the agency has perfected the art of global influencer marketing.

Content is a major part of creating and evolving your brand. According to Broadbandsearch.net, the average time spent on social media in North America is 2 hours and 6 minutes. and the average US Adult spends 2 hours and 55 minutes on their cell phone a day. It’s common sense that if you are not utilizing the attention on these platforms with content, you’re missing out on major leverage. 

Luke Lintz, CMO of HighKey Agency and Highkey Clout, the fastest growing Instagram growth agency on the market, explains how to maximize your time and/or money on social media platforms and make global influencer marketing work for you:


1. Doing it for The ‘Gram

The majority of users on Instagram are between 16 and 24 so users' attention spans are extremely low. Always publish very high-quality pictures from photo shoots, family photos, team photos ect. When publishing videos, make sure it starts with a hook that will entice viewers to keep watching after 3 seconds of listening.

Videos should be up to date with Instagram’s format, meaning if it’s under a minute in length, the video format should be 4:5 with a 1:1 thumbnail at the first frame of the video.

This ensures the video looks good on your profile and takes up the full screen when users are scrolling through their main feed. Lastly, the video should be relatable to your audience, something our Instagram Growth Agency takes pride in doing.


2. Talking the (Tik) Tok

The number one way to get viewers and followers on Tik Tok is by posting consistent content along with Tik Tok’s trends that can be found on the Tik Tok trending page. Those who think that this content involves childish stuff that will devalue their brand are simply people who are not willing to think outside of the box.

Effective global Influencer Marketing is all about being on trend and any brand can find unique ways to give value in their industry that coincide with the Tik Tok trends. For example, one client @realclaytonmorris is giving real value about world events, money, and wealth in a Tik Tok friendly format. Find a way to incorporate Tik Tok trends and Tik Tok native content into your industry-specific content.


3. The Missing LinkedIn

LinkedIn began as just a place to have an online resume but it is evolving into a platform as big and similar to Facebook. LinkedIn is a major place that every business professional should be with a profile and should be posting content as much as possible! The type of content that should be posted is written and video content of short lessons learned, updates to your job/profession, mentor advice, knowledge of upgrading your life ect.


4. Video killed the Radio Star

Any Google search yields YouTube video results because Google owns YouTube. As such, the most important aspect of YouTube videos is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Reverse engineer your content from filming to publishing, start by thinking of the YouTube title which should target search friendly titles that will gain a lot of search traffic over the long term.

The title of the video should be about major problems in your industry that people are constantly searching for. Edit your videos to ensure the highest quality possible, Instagram Growth Agency, with simple things like a branded intro and outro.

The video needs to have a hook that involves the thumbnail, the first 15 seconds of your video, and your title. These three components of the hook will single handedly determine the performance of your YouTube video and ensure you’re a winner in global influencer marketing.

Highkey’s content creators like their Instagram Growth Agency live by these guidelines when approaching the different social media platforms with impressive returns. Now Lintz has demystified content creation, good luck doing the same.

Keep up with HighKey Agency on the company’s Instagram or enter the HighKey Clout giveaway @highkeyclout.

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