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Technology Friday, February 28, 2020 Comments (0)

Top 10 Trending News In 2020

2020 is the year when we will witness huge changes in fields of tech, healthcare & business. Here are some of the most anticipated news that will make an impact in 2020. 

Using AI To Fight Coronavirus

AI has the potential to stop pandemics & endemics in our era. AI-powered robots can collect & dispatch medical information. Sci-fi movies have portrayed robots to decontaminate cities & quarantine patients in the past. It won't be a surprise if it happens in real this year.

Data Privacy

Tech giants are being held accountable for accumulating large sums of consumer data. How do they use our data? That still remains in question. For instance, companies use your data for displaying relative ads. If you're browsing online for a snazzy pair of glasses as Wiley X Flash, you'll start seeing eyewear ads.

5G Internet

There are certain things people expect out of 5G. Gone will be the days when you had to worry about sharing bandwidth with your family. 5G promises low-latency gaming to millions around the world. Audiophiles are in for a treat as well for streaming music of the highest quality. In short, 5G is a game-changer.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

Rumors say that Apple is already making huge strides in developing its own AR Headset. Google Glass is already making progress towards becoming a mainstream wearable device. Moreover, companies are considering to use augmented reality to train thousands of employees. 2020 is the year when AR finally makes its mark.

Wearable Tech For Medical Data

Wearable tech helps collect data to diagnose serious diseases & conditions. This includes monitoring your heart rate, tracking exercise activities & sugar levels. Tech companies are already thinking about ways to leverage data to medical companies. Only time will tell how this data becomes regulated for professional use.

Using Automation For Sustainability

Automation is often misquoted as having negative consequences. The power of AI can enable humans to do so much more in their lives. Seamless collaboration between humans & machines is yet to occur. Yet, businesses agree to the idea of improving their operations with automation.

The Release of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 remains one of the most awaited games of 2020. After releasing the Witcher 3 back in 2015, CD Projekt Red is coming back with a bang in 2020.

iPhone 12

Who could forget Apple’s flagship phone that sweeps everyone off their feet every year? iPhone 12 will prove itself to be one of the most exciting phones this year. Apple never ceases to amaze us with the most novel features. The same will happen this year.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain allows you to record transactions on an unalterable digital ledger. This allows you to maintain records of data in a more democratic manner. Many leading companies are already using it to improve efficiency & maintain transparency.

Self-Driving Automobiles

Amazon is one of the first companies to come up with autonomous trucks that can drive themselves. More companies will accept the fact that automation is the only way to reduce cost & enhance operational efficiency.

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