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Business Monday, March 2, 2020 Comments (0)

Top Mobile Data Management Tool for Corporate Businesses in 2020

Are you looking for an efficient tool to manage your mobile phone data? You might have used a data backup app to protect your important stuff such as photos, videos, emails and contacts. The business organizations also have to deal with heaps of data comprising detail of clients, workforces, vendors and third parties. For managing and securing this information, they use physical and online storages. According to experts, the online or cloud storage for business data is most effective to secure important information. In this article, we have discussed the most reliable online storage and data backup app that can be considered as best mobile data management tool in 2020. Read on to know how this tool facilitates businesses and individuals in data management.

TheOneSpy Cloud Storage App

TheOneSpy is a tracking solution that enables the end-user to monitor and manage mobile phone data without taking the device into possession. The app is intended for business persons to protect and retrieve information saved on mobile phones. Once the app is installed on company-owned mobile phones, the employer or business manager can remotely access data saved on these devices. The app offers online storage for protecting and getting into important information from anywhere. Read on to know how this app helps to create online data backup.


Online Data Backup

The cell phone tracker app automatically creates online backup of information saved on the monitored device. The user is only needed to install the app on the mobile phone. The app automatically syncs data saved on these devices. The user does not need to manually upload data to the online portal as the app performs this function on its own. The app gets access to specific information that includes but not limited to messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, emails, keylogs and internet browsing history. It uses the internet connection to upload the synced data to the online portal of TOS. The end-user can retrieve the data anytime by logging into the web portal through any mobile phone or computer. Given is the detail of data secretly fetched and uploaded by the app to the online storage.

Photos & Videos

The photos, videos and media files saved on company-owned mobile phones can be protected with the help of online storage app. The app automatically accesses these media files to create online backup. The employer and business managers can access these media files right from the web portal. By opening the web portal on your phone, you can see photos, videos and voice recordings saved on your employees’ smartphones. It does not matter if a file gets deleted from the original device. It can be retrieved anytime from the web portal of the tracker app.



The online and offline conversations made by employees can be secured and accessed with the help of cell phone surveillance solution. The business persons can supervise internal and external communication to prevent workers from misconduct, harassments and dissemination of inappropriate or sensitive information to unauthorized persons.

The cloud storage app gets access to text messages, multimedia messages, social media chats and instant messages saved on the company-owned smartphones. It automatically uploads these chats to the online control panel of TOS. The end-user of the app can retrieve all messages anytime right from the web storage. They can read these chats and get contact numbers of conversers.


The business emails may contain important information that should be dealt with carefully. The data management app allows securing all business emails without fear of losing any of them. The app automatically syncs incoming and outgoing Gmail emails and uploads to the online storage. Moreover, it stores email addresses of accounts running on company-owned smartphone devices. The employer can also get passwords of official email accounts by accessing the keystrokes of passwords.


Your marketing and sales team may have important contacts that are worthy for business. It includes contact numbers of current and potential customers that are important for marketing perspective. You can secure all important contacts by uploading them to the online storage. It eliminates fear of losing any important contact. No matter where the contact is saved, you can log into the web portal of TOS and can access all contact numbers saved on monitored smartphones. Moreover, you can manage contact lists of your employees without accessing their phones. The app allows making amendments to the Phonebook by adding new numbers and deleting unwanted contacts.

Hope this article would help in learning about the most effective data management app for corporate businesses. Keep visiting us for more information regarding mobile apps and business management.

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