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Business Wednesday, June 3, 2020 Comments (0)

UV Protection Awareness of June Month

June is the summer month when the heat starts in its full swing, and no wonder sun comes out with full force. So, it's important to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays than ever. Moreover, you can use Wiley X Crush for inside and outside protection.

During June and July, most people suffered from risky UV light. So, it is important to advise your loved one to shield their eyes with proper protection. Do you know that your eyes get sunburned due to sun rays? Your eyes are at the same risk as your skin.

Too much exposure to UV rays, the cornea can damage and lead to a disease like keratitis. Keratitis is a temporary vision loss when you get too long sun exposure. In this situation, tiny growls appear on the white part of eyes that is known as pterygium and pinguecula.

While your eyes feel scratchy, irritated, and dry eyes. If you get some symptoms, you must visit the eye care professional for clarification. UV light is a significant factor of many risks for an eye disorder. For example, cataract is a case that develops through ultraviolet rays.

Another risk factor because of the sun is macular degeneration that leads to blindness. It is an age-related issue, but UV rays make the situation very aggravated.

What are UV Rays?

Everyone is little aware of UV light but don’t know what are UV rays. UV means potentially harmful ultraviolet rays that can even find in fluorescent lights. But Sun is the major source of a lot of visible and invisible rays that you cannot even feel when they touch your body.

Why UV Light is Dangerous?

Now the question arises why these lights are harmful? Despite a lot of positive points, its negative points are more severe. You get vitamin D that is healthy for your body. But too much exposure to sunlight leads to premature skin aging, burning eyes, and even change the shape of your cornea.

All these symptoms lead to several vision problems. While these rays are more prone to the child than younger people. If you or your loved one get the experience of the above symptoms, you must see to the doctor because early-stage treatment is better. A comprehensive eye exam once in a year is the best solution for avoiding any serious disease.

Safety Measures for UV Radiations:

Don’t fret because new technology has made easy to protect your eyes than our ancestors. There are a few easy steps of protection that you must follow in this summer month.

Wear Different Shades:

A pair of sunglasses or Wiley X Crush with 100% UVA and UVB rays have great blocking power. If a pair of shades that don’t provide 100% protection is not suitable for eyes safety. There is an incredible style of sunglasses in the market with excellent protection that you would not compromise on style. So, concern with your optometrist which shade is best for your eyes.

Apply More Sunscreen:

June and July are the summer month that needs more sunscreen, and now it is a good reason to apply them. So, before going out in these hot months, make sure your sunscreen has excellent access to SPF. If you are playing in the water for more time, apply sunscreen after two hours. Water can reflect UV light, so you need extra care and protection for avoiding risky effects.

Wear a Brimmed Hat:

Head protection is as essential as skin and eyes. So, wear a wide-brimmed hat over your head for the blocking of sunlight. Moreover, the hat can protect your eyes from the top of the Sunglasses where there is no protective layer. The endless fashion of hat is available that follow that style which can suit with your outfit or another wearing accessory. Top of Form

Well, you must share your story with other fellows about these hot summer months and you can give them some important tips of protection.

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