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Lifestyle Monday, June 1, 2020 Comments (0)

What are the Key Terms for Frames and Lenses?

Eyewear is famous than ever even in the presence of contact lenses and eyesight corrective surgery as well. Various designers’ frames like Wiley X Titan, Ray-ban, and many more are in high demand. Even most youngsters are enjoying wearing those designer eyeglasses that people didn’t aware of them.

But thanks to movies and show stars who gave the popularity of many brands like Harry Potter. Now eyeglasses have become the main accessory of routines life like attire and shoes. Moreover, when you browse on the internet with the name of eyewear, many brands have introduced in the market.

Sometimes, many brands make confuse you when it comes to the frame and lenses. So, here are some points that you must keep up to date yourself in the shopping of eyeglasses.


Frames are available in different materials, and you have to know what kind of stuff you need. Here is the list of some frame materials that are in a high trend that are as follows.

  •          Acetate:

 The most popular frame material is acetate because it is a top-quality plastic. The main advantage of acetate stuff is long-lasting, lightweight, and strong. Moreover, plastic material is available in various colors and styles that can appeal to everyone. 

Even some glasses brands have manufactured many unique designs like tortoiseshell. Wiley X Titan has polycarbonate lenses that make it lightweight and durable for a long time wearing.

  •          Metal:

Frames that come in metal form have various range of stuff and sometimes in different combinations. Two materials of a metal category that is stainless steel and titanium are popular. So, due to its elasticity, metal frames provide a more professional and sleek finish that makes them a flawless look.

Another advantage of this stuff is that you can quickly repair at home if it needs little service. Besides. Its unique and sophisticated look makes them perfect for all indoor workouts.

  •          Wood:

Wooden 3M safety eyewear is in trend and getting popularity day by day because of the stylish look and environment friendly. Many brands like Ray-ban and Giorgio Armani use wood material in their frames, and they are in high demand in the eyeglasses market.

The main advantage of this texture is that it offers a fresh look rather than a traditional style. But despite any issue like it is harder to adjust than plastic and metal, it is still in high demand. Some eyeglasses are coming in customization version that they adjust according to your face structure.



Frames and lenses are the two main sections of eyeglasses. If the frame helps to make a statement, lenses have a great role in the vision section. Lenses have different varieties because of certain refractive errors.

  •          Single Eyesight Lenses:

The lenses that have one power almost on all parts of the lens surface. Single vision lenses can be nearsightedness and farsightedness.

  •          Multifocal Lenses:

Some persons have various refractive errors at a time that are near, intermediate, and far corrective vision. For such people, multifocal lenses are a perfect choice. For such a category, the lens surface is divided into three sections like far, near, and intermediate correction.

Moreover, by doing this the patients can enjoy different vision correction at a time without switching any eyeglasses. So, multifocal lenses make the patients comfortable in look. 

  •          Transition Lenses:

Another well-known kind of lens is transition lenses or photochromic lenses that react to the amount of light. Transition lenses have potential that act as sunglasses and regular eyewear when you switch into shaded to the unshaded area. But they make some situations awkward when you reach with these lenses in the between situations like driving.

When you sit inside the car with the eyeglasses of transition lenses, they don’t change shade. Although, your eyes need UV protection even if you are inside the windshield of the car.  Many changes have come in the transition lenses that can turn into dark shades even in the car.

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